CIPC extra: The best and worst of 2017

A bit less than one year ago, January 11 2017 to be precise, the first post appeared on this blog. Since then, there have been 49 instalments,1 one every Tuesday, except for twice when a lagging internet connection delayed the publishing until Wednesday. When you stick to a regime this strict, there will obviously be some posts that are not very good. The others were worse. To absolve myself of my sins, and since it’s the time of year for lists, I will list for your delectation my four best and worst efforts2 of 2017. Why four? Well, it’s the smallest composite number! Plus, it’s probably easier than five.

The worst of 2017

CIPC #2: The mentalist S1 E3: Red tide

This instalment is not obviously worse than any other, except for one horribly stupid thing: I forgot to cut the bloody progress bar out of the picture! I guess I could go back and fix it, but I don’t want to pretend it didn’t happen. I’ll just have to live with the shame, the never-ending shame of wrongful cropping.

CIPC #41: House of Cards S1 E10

I don’t like this post very much. Admittedly, this might be influenced by the fact that I overlooked the similarity of the position under scrutiny to a relatively well-known master game, but the jokes are lacking and I must admit that I just hadn’t a whole lot to say.

CIPC #24: Pepsi Cola advertisement

Boo! Boooo! Writing a full blog post when you have nothing to say. For shame! Plus, it was a day late. Boooooo!

CIPC #34: The Simpsons S28 E14: The cad and the hat

I really, really didn’t to this one justice. I only focused on one small part of the episode and even that I dealt with in particularly lacklustre manner. And lustre is something the Simpsons deserve, if only as a nod to their tenacity.

The best of 2017

CIPC #1: The smurfs Vol.10: Smurf soup

I might forget each and every post I have or ever will have written, but I will not forget this one. Mainly thanks to Peyo’s drawing, which was more or less the reason I started this project. So, yeah, blame him.

CIPC #11: Checkmate the king

I like it when I can break the monotony of writing about tv series and movies all the time and this time I was particularly happy with it. I mainly like my alternative interpretation of the whole scene – recognising levity in the face of death is humanity’s main antidote for despair.

CIPC #45: Red Bull advertisement

I have a soft spot for this post and I don’t know why. It might be the references, it might be not-so-subtle stab at Haiti, it might just be that I like the little story of the advert. Whatever the reason, it earned a place on this list.

CIPC #47: Bennett, Cat and window

I still can’t get over this. How is it possible to compose a chess problem by accident? That’s like shooting someone an e-mail and then finding out you’ve written a novel. Not a good one, mind you, it might be The catcher in the rye or something, but still a novel.

1. [Yes, 49 is not exactly 52, but a few weeks there was a BOBCH post or some off-topic rambling instead.]
2. [When it comes to blogging, that is.]