Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Nikolaas Verhulst. I am an amateur chess player – and a number of other things that are of no importance to this site.

Q: What are you trying to accomplish?

A: I collect results and games from tournaments and matches from Belgian chess history. My goal is to cover the pre-internet time completely. This goal is pretty much impossible to reach – but that won’t stop me trying.

Q: What do you consider Belgian chess history?

A: In general, either games from tournaments played in Belgium, or from a Belgian participant (possibly a Belgian team). Of course, this immediately suggests the question whether or not players like Deacon,  Soultanbeieff or Gurevich should be considered. For now, my rule is simple: I include what I feel like including.

Q: Why only Belgian chess history?

A: Since I hail from Belgium it is easier for me to find information about Belgian chess history. On top of that, Belgian chess history is still sort of manageable.

Q: How can I help?

A: By sending crosstables and/or games (in .pgn format) with source. Or even better: send scans of the source.

Enjoy browsing the site!