27th Jul 2021

CIPC #232: Chanel ad

All too rare are examples of the happy few, the names that everybody knows, the a-list celebrities, that show up at the chessboard. Consequently, the few cases there are —...

20th Jul 2021

CIPC #231: D, In the name of justice

Take a good look at the picture below. It comes from the music video for the song In the name of justice by the metal band D.1 What country do...

14th Jul 2021

CIPC #230: Robot & Frank

Last week, we talked about one of the most well-known movies of all time. Today, we look at a far lesser known one: Robot & Frank, a 2012 movie about...

07th Jul 2021

CIPC #229: The great dictator

Today, we dissect the greatest of the great, because The great dictator is probably the greatest movie by the greatest silent movie actor: Charles Chaplin. But it is a very...

30th Jun 2021

CIPC #228: Chess-nuts

Betty Boop is one of the very many things in the world that I just can’t get my head around.1 She is a very old cartoon character created by Max...

23rd Jun 2021

CIPC #227: Etsy ad

Etsy is quite famous in America but I think it is far less popular here in Europe, so perhaps a little background information is in order. So here we go:...

15th Jun 2021

CIPC #226: The Perry bible fellowship, Primate checkmate

Today, we go visit the digital lagerstätte and dig up one of the dinosaurs of the internet: The Perry bible fellowship. Before Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, before xkcd and Cyanide...

08th Jun 2021

CIPC #225: Crime doctor’s warning

Have you ever heard of the Crime doctor franchise? It is about doctor Ordway, a criminal psychologist who helps the police solve cases. Nowadays, it is almost entirely forgotten, but...

01st Jun 2021

CIPC #224: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes S1 E6, The speckled band

If ever some dimwit decides to feed my blog posts into a machine learning engine and make it produce one of its own, it will probably write about a murder...

25th May 2021

CIPC #223: Taylor, Women playing chess

It is time to parade some high culture in front of your eyes again while I talk condescendingly about paintings like I can tell  undoubted Rafaels from Gerard Dows and...


47th US open, Pittsburgh


BSB/FBÉ championship play-off, Brussels


International tournament, Havana


8th Capitulation tournament, Wageningen


5th liberation tournament, Maastricht


Brabant championship, Sint-Joost-ten-Node


All Saints’ Day tournament, Ghent


Ghent championship, Ghent