CIPC extra: The best and worst of 2018

Another year, another fiftyish posts, another sample set of qualities of blog posts, approximately normally distributed around a far too low mean. Since it is the time of the season for low-effort blog posts, I will parade what I think are the four best and the four worst of these posts in front of you. Why four? Well, why the bloody hell not? And now I will waffle no longer, lest I end up on next year’s list.

The worst of 2018

CIPC #55: Gargoyles S2 E9 City of stone

Gargoyles is actually a pretty decent series. Certainly one that deserves more than a short, lacklustre attempt at deductive reasoning. There were also very few footnotes. I have found that that’s often an indication that a post just isn’t very good.

CIPC #79: New York

If I could have made it here I could have made it anywhere, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I read this post again and, apparently, I couldn’t even make one single joke.

CIPC #56: Batman Vol.1 No.23

For some reason, my posts around this time were especially terrible. This one was not an exception. Jokes – and, indeed, words – are quite sparse in this post. Clearly, I just had nothing to say about this.

CIPC #52: From Russia with love

I tend to do worse when I’m talking about something famous, and few of my subjects are as famous as this James Bond film.

The best of 2018

CIPC #74: Botte di natale

I’m not sure I should put this on the list, because what I laid bare in this post was very horrible, indeed, but it is one of my better works. It took quite a bit of watching in slow motion, taking screenshots, and comparing them to find out, but in the end I found definite proof of the horrible abuse the poor pieces in this movie faced.

CIPC #69: The hound of the Baskervilles

The main reason I put this on the list is that I got to watch an excellent movie, with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Plus, there’s a (tiny) bit of retrograde analysis in this episode!

CIPC #84: Chess in literature

I finally got to talk about literature a bit! And I got to draw highly speculative comparisons between authors and composers!  And I got classy-looking quotes in different languages! And I got to doodle around in MS Paint? What’s not to like? Perhaps for my readers this one was not so exciting, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

CIPC #58: Existential comics No.215

The puns. Dear God, the puns. And the satire of philosopher’s ridiculous writing. Eespecially the continental, Lacan-like people Sokal and Bricmont complained about. It’s always a good day if you get to laugh at them. This actually got me out of the dip in quality mentioned above.