19th Dec 2017

CIPC #48: Geri’s game

After last week’s post, I was kind of struggling with writer’s block. I mean, how do you follow up on accidentally composing a chess problem? The only way out I...

05th Dec 2017

CIPC #46: Independence day

Last week we talked about Red Bull, this week we’re tackling its cinematic counterpart: Roland Emmerich’s 1996 movie Independence day – which revived the disaster movie genre as a viable...

07th Nov 2017

CIPC #42: Aladdin

Received opinion has it that chess originated in India, slowly evolving as it spread westwards from the original chaturaá¹…ga into the modern version that is played by thousands all over...

22nd Aug 2017

CIPC #31: The unbearable lightness of being

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every single book with good reviews, must be in want of a movie version. Hence, with the inevitability of a parakeet going tweet,...

16th May 2017

CIPC #19: Lang leve de koningin

Due to enormous success1 the last time I commented on a chess-themed movie, I will do it again. This time, the focus will be on a Dutch movie, because focusing...

02nd May 2017

CIPC #17: 1984

One sure sign of an author’s lasting success is when his phrases and his words become common parlance. Very few authors have achieved this in the English language1 , but...


North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Eindhoven


10th international open tournament, Geraardsbergen


Zilveren Toren cup


Zilveren toren cup


World youth championship, Cannes


4th festival magistrale, Caorle


Antwerp league blitz championship, Antwerp


Raymond Soly tournament, Antwerp/Brussels