22nd Oct 2019

CIPC #142: Nero Vol.143, De dood van Bompa

Nero is, or was at least, incredibly famous in Flanders and completely unknown outside of it. It is a comic with a cast of colourful characters, like Adhemar, the baby...

14th May 2019

CIPC #119: Translucid Vol.2

Translucid is an artsy take on the superhero genre published by BOOM! studios in six instalments between April and September 2014. I must admit that I haven’t read it, but...

19th Mar 2019

CIPC #111: The smurfs, Vol.11: The Olympic Smurfs

In the more than two years I have been discussing chess in popular culture on this blog, I have seen the most horrible atrocities being committed against the noble game...

10th Jul 2018

CIPC #76: Mickey Maus No.48

One of the biggest names in popular culture I have not mentioned so far is the almighty mouse, the great Mickey himself. Of course, there are so many comics and...

16th Jan 2018

CIPC #51: Lucky Luke Vol.35, Jesse James

Who’s the greatest cowboy in popular culture? John Wayne, maybe? Clint Eastwood? Jonah Hex? If you ask me, the correct answer is Lucky Luke. Introduced by Morris in 1946, he...

10th Oct 2017

CIPC #38: Mafalda

Which countries do you associate with comics? Perhaps you will immediately think of the American tradition, with superhero comics and Peanuts-style newspaper comics. Maybe the Japanese manga springs to mind...

05th Sep 2017

CIPC #33: Suske en Wiske Vol.245 De 7 schaken

Imagine, if you will, that you are a chess-obsessed kid in Flanders. A bleak prospect, perhaps, but try to entertain it for a little while longer. Chess is pretty much...

25th Apr 2017

CIPC #16: Guust Flater Vol.5: Daverende flaters te koop

Guust Flater, or Gaston Lagaffe in the original French, is probably the most popular anti-hero of the Franco-Belgian school of comic books. The series, written and drawn by Franquin, features...

02nd Apr 2017

CIPC #13: Tintin Vol.5: The broken ear

Obscure engravings, highly local comics series – the ‘popular’ in the name of this blog has become somewhat spurious lately. High time, I think, to go back to more well-known...

28th Mar 2017

CIPC #12: Kiekeboe Vol.14: Een zakje chips

Kiekeboe is a family adventure comic series which is hugely popular in Flanders and, to some extend, the Netherlands. The series has been running for more than four decades and...


47th Glorney/27th Faber cup, Caerleon


Reg Gillman memorial


Match Perquin vs. Peeters, Antwerp/Leuven/Brussels


Alan Shaw memorial


President’s cup, Elista


40 years SSKK Bulletinen jubilee tournament


25 years Kirjeshakki


VSF Interleague, Ghent