International Danish junior championship, Hinnerup

23-06-1979 > 01-07-1979

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tot
1 Allen, Keith IRL 46B+ 23W+ 29B+ 5W+ 9B= 10W+ 2B+ 4W= 11B+ 8
2 Berg, Klaus DEN 22B= 44W= 7B+ 32W= 19B+ 9W+ 1W- 3B+ 13B+
3 Bor, Willem NED 48B+ 4B= 6W= 11W+ 13W= 8B= 5B+ 2W- 15W+ 6
4 McNab, Colin Anderson SCO 33B+ 3W= 42B= 20W= 7B+ 21W+ 13B= 1B= 6W= 6
5 Kaiser, Reinhard GER 50B+ 31W= 43B+ 1B- 20B= 38W+ 3W- 10B+ 18W+ 6
6 Jónsson, Johannes Gísli ISL 44B= 22W+ 3B= 21W- 51B+ 20W+ 17B= 18W+ 4B= 6
7 Hansen, Curt DEN 36B+ 13B= 2W- 51W+ 4W- 23W+ 24B= 38W+ 25B+ 6
8 Levacic, Damir FRA 34B+ 43W= 31B+ 9W- 23B+ 3W= 18B- 22W+ 20B+ 6
9 Jensen, René DEN 16W+ 26B+ 10W= 8B+ 1W= 2B- 15W= 13B= 12W=
10 Andersen, Morten DEN 52B+ 21W+ 9B= 17W= 38B+ 1B- 25W= 5W- 29B+
11 Johansson, Mikael SWE 23B- 46W+ 50W+ 3B- 26W+ 15B= 19W+ 17B+ 1W-
12 Henttinen, Markku FIN 51B= 45W+ 23B- 22W+ 25B= 16W- 32B+ 21W+ 9B=
13 Pagden, Michael Ashley ENG 32B+ 7W= 18B= 42W+ 3B= 17B= 4W= 9W= 2W- 5
14 Sabi, Yoseph ISR 29B- 53W- 35B- 36W+ 50W+ 43B+ 42W+ 20B- 26W+ 5
15 Garces, Diego SUI 45B= 51W= 34W+ 23W= 44B+ 11W= 9B= 25B= 3B- 5
16 Aagaard, Michael DEN 9B- 35W+ 51B- 46W= 32W+ 12B+ 21B= 24W= 22B= 5
17 Hansen, John Nyholm DEN 53B+ 29W= 39B+ 10B= 21B= 13W= 6W= 11W- 24B= 5
18 Rej Pedersen, Dennis DEN 47B= 30W+ 13W= 38W- 52W+ 44B+ 8W+ 6B- 5B- 5
19 Herzog, Peter AUT 24B= 38W= 25B= 29W+ 2W- 30W+ 11B- 28B= 42B+ 5
20 Landsman, Klaas NED 25B= 40W= 24B+ 4B= 5W= 6B- 39W+ 14W+ 8W- 5
21 Holmsgaard, Henrik DEN 41B+ 10B- 49W+ 6B+ 17W= 4B- 16W= 12B- 38W+ 5
22 de Wit, Jan NED 2W= 6B- 36B+ 12B- 35W+ 40W+ 26W+ 8B- 16W= 5
23 Zagema, Wiebe NED 11W+ 2B- 12W+ 15B= 8W- 7B- 30B= 40W+ 31W+ 5
24 Rasmussen, Karsten DEN 19W= 27B= 20W- 34B+ 42W= 28B+ 7W= 16B= 17W= 5
25 Ochsner, Thomas DEN 20W= 28B= 19W= 31B+ 12W= 27B+ 10B= 15W= 7W- 5
26 Stentebjerg Hansen, Per DEN 35B+ 9W- 53B+ 44W= 11B- 33W+ 22B- 27W+ 14B-
27 Hansen, Jens Christian FAI 38B= 24W= 40B= 39W= 41B+ 25W- 34W+ 26B- 28B=
28 Myreng, Svein NOR 39B= 25W= 38B- 53W+ 40B= 24W- 44B+ 19W= 27W=
29 De Clerck, Luc BEL 14W+ 17B= 1W- 19B- 31W- 36W+ 43B+ 42B+ 10W-
30 Bressers, René NED 42W= 18B- 33W= 50B= 49W+ 19B- 23W= 34B= 43W+
31 Larsen, Poul Lykke DEN 37B+ 2B= 8W- 25W- 29B+ 39W= 38B- 35W+ 23B- 4
32 Bank Friis, Carsten DEN 13W- 36W= 47B+ 2B= 16B- 37W+ 12W- 39B= 41B= 4
33 Petersen, Kenneth DEN 4W- 48W= 30B= 35W= 46B+ 26B- 40B= 41W= 36B= 4
34 Michiels, Dirk BEL 8W- 54W+ 15B- 24W- 48B+ 41W+ 27B- 30W= 39B= 4
35 Olsen, Nils Linde DEN 26W- 16B- 14W+ 33B= 22B- 50W+ 49W= 31B- 51W+ 4
36 Oehlerich, Per DEN 1W- 32B= 22W- 14B- 53W+ 29B- 54B+ 45W+ 33W= 4
37 Apon, Henk NED 31W- 50B- 52W- 54W+ 45B+ 32B- 51W= 44B= 49W+ 4
38 Sørensen, Torben DEN 27W= 19B= 28W+ 18B+ 10W- 5B- 31W+ 7B- 21B- 4
39 Baert, Andy BEL 28W= 49B+ 17W- 27B= 43W= 31B= 20B- 32W= 34W= 4
40 Tettinik, Michael DEN 49W= 20B= 27W= 43B= 28W= 22B- 33W= 23B- 52W+ 4
41 Christensen, Jan DEN 21W- 52B+ 44W- 45B+ 27W- 34B- 53W+ 33B= 32W= 4
42 Tappenden, Jamie CAN 30B= 47W+ 4W= 13B- 24B= 52B+ 14B- 29W- 19W-
43 Nørgaard, Jesper DEN 54B+ 8B= 5W- 40W= 39B= 14W- 29W- 49B+ 30B-
44 Pedersen, Gunnar DEN 6W= 2B= 41B+ 26B= 15W- 18W- 28W- 37W= 47B=
45 Ellenbroek, Ton NED 15W= 12B- 48B= 41W- 37W- 46B+ 52W= 36B- 54B+
46 Nielsen, Carsten Juul DEN 1W- 11B- 54B+ 16B= 33W- 45W- 48B+ 51B= 50W=
47 Michiels, Luc BEL 18W= 42B- 32W- 49B- 54B= 48W= 50W= 53B+ 44W=
48 Knudsen, Peter Bang DEN 3W- 33B= 45W= 52B- 34W- 47B= 46W- 54W+ 53B+
49 Jansson, Jøran NOR 40B= 39W- 21B- 47W+ 30B- 51W+ 35B= 43W- 37B- 3
50 Hartvig, Ove Weiss DEN 1W- 37W+ 11B- 30W= 14B- 35B- 47B= 52W= 46B= 3
51 Smits, Maurice NED 12W= 15B= 16W+ 7B- 6W- 49B- 37B= 46W= 35B- 3
52 Mathiesen, Flemming DEN 10W- 41W- 37B+ 48W+ 18B- 42W- 45B= 50B= 40B- 3
53 Pedersen, Poul Erik DEN 17W- 14B+ 26W- 28B- 36B- 54W+ 41B- 47W- 48W- 2
54 Haberkorn, Danny BEL 43W- 34B- 46W- 37B- 47W= 53B- 36W- 48B- 45W- ½

This year, the open Danish junior championship attracted an extraordinary number of participants. Among them also five Belgian players. Only De Clerck managed an even score. Irish junior Allen’s victory was a bit of a surprise.

[1] has the final standings, including some first names and nationalities. [2] has almost all games but it misses some and, I suspect, contains some errors. I have inferred results and colours for the games Rej Pedersen — Mathiesen, Apon — Smits, and Christensen — Pedersen. The game Rej Pedersen — Levacic as given in [2] ends as a victory for black in a position that is much better for white. As a black victory would be incompatible with the final standings from [1], I have assumed that Rej Pedersen actually won this game. Similarly, [2] gives Aagaard — Bank Friis as a victory for black in a position that is easily won for white. This, too, I have corrected in the table above. The game Andersen — Holmsgaard is given with opposite colours in [1] and as a victory for black in a position that is easily winning for white. Almost certainly, Andersen played white and won.


  • Some confirmation of the table.


  1. Skakbladet Vol.75 No.7
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