Open Danish junior championship, Århus

01-07-1990 > 08-07-1990

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tot
1 Grønn, Atle NOR -B5 +W24 +B17 +W9 +B3 =W2 =B10 +W6 =B7
2 Sjukin, Sergei EST =B18 +W17 +B7 +W3 +B21 =B1 -W6 =W4 +W10
3 Hansen, Sune Berg DEN 2355 +W12 +W6 +B4 -B2 -W1 +B9 +W11 =10 =8 6
4 Germanavičius, Šarūnas LTU 2330 +W20 +B23 -W3 -B11 +FF +W5 =B13 =B4 +W15 6
5 Sørensen, Jan DEN 2395 +W1 =B10 -W16 =W22 +FF -B4 +B20 +W13 +B6 6
6 Grabarczyk, Mirosław POL 2285 +W24 -B3 +W15 =B12 +W16 +W21 +B2 -B1 -W5
7 Borge, Nikolaj DEN 2340 +W26 =B16 -W2 =B23 =W14 =B15 +W9 +B12 =W1
8 Topakian, Raffi AUT 2230 =W9 =B15 -W12 -B13 +W18 =B23 +W24 +B22 =3 5
9 Ahn, Martin BEL =B8 +W22 +W14 -B1 =W11 -W3 -B7 +W21 +B17 5
10 Kjeldsen, Jens DEN 2265 +W13 =W5 -B21 +B14 +W23 =B11 =W1 =3 -B2 5
11 Worsfold, Oliver ENG -B16 +W20 +B25 +W4 =B9 =W10 -B3 =W14 =W12 5
12 FM Panzalović, Srđan YUG 2335 -B3 +W13 +B8 =W6 -FF +W22 +B21 -W7 =B11 5
13 Kula, Robert POL 2305 -B10 -B12 +W25 +W8 =B22 +W16 =W4 -B5 =W14
14 Nielsen, Peter Heine DEN 2340 =B21 +W18 -B9 -W10 =B7 +W17 =W15 =B11 =B13
15 Nielsen, Uffe DEN 2300 =B17 =W8 -B6 =B18 +W19 =W7 =B14 +W16 -B4
16 Mach, Holger GER +W11 =W7 +B5 -W21 -B6 -B13 +W23 -B15 +B25
17 Bjørntoft, Peter DEN =W15 -B2 -W1 =B20 +W25 -B14 bye +B23 -W9 4
18 Hansen, Carsten DEN 2310 =W2 -B14 =B24 =W15 -B8 +W19 -B22 +B24 =W20 4
19 Tella, Jussi FIN =W23 -B26 -B22 +W24 -B15 -B18 +W25 =B20 +W21 4
20 Schmitz, Thorstein GER -B4 -B11 -W23 =W17 +B24 +B25 -W5 =W19 =B18
21 Giertz, Niklaus SUI 2270 =W14 +B25 +W10 +B16 -W2 -B6 -W12 -B9 -B19
22 Krogh, Carsten DEN =W25 -B9 +W19 =B5 =W13 -B12 +W18 -W8 -B24
23 Joukhi, Yrjö-Markus FIN =B19 -W4 +B20 =W7 -B10 =W8 -B16 -W17 bye
24 Aagaard, Jacob DEN -B6 -B1 =W18 -B19 -W20 bye -B8 -W18 +W22
25 Rasmussen, Casper DEN =B22 -W21 -B13 -W26 -B17 -W20 -B19 bye -W16
(26) FM Jukić, Branimir YUG 2320 -B7 +W19 -W11 +B25 -FF ABS ABS ABS ABS (2)

Results in red were changed from [1], those in green were missing there.

[1] gives the dates and the final standings. [2] gives almost all games, but it gives quite a few more. This tournament was held alongside two others, and I suspect all the published games were just bunched together. The Belgian participant Ahn did quite well.

The crosstable above has been reconstructed from [2] and [1]. I think there are a couple of errors in [2], though. In particular, I’m pretty sure that Germanavičius had white against Schmitz in the first round and that he therefore won that game. [2] also claims that Michael Schmitz played instead of Thorstein, which is contradicted by [1]. I tend to believe [1]. [1] mentions that Jukić withdrew after four rounds because of the separation of Slovenia from Yugoslavia. I guess that both he and Panzalović forfeited in round 4, but Panzalović decided to continue.


  • Some verification of the tournament table, because I’m not at all confident in it.


  1. Skakbladet 1990 Nos.6 & 9
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