8th Stevenson memorial, Bognor Regis

20-04-1960 > 30-04-1960

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1 GM
O’Kelly de Galway, Albéric
BEL +B8 +B5 +W10 +B14 =W2 +W4 +B22 =W3 +W6 +B11 9
2 IM Darga, Klaus Viktor GER +B42 +W33 +B7 +B3 =B1 =W22 +W15 +W14 +B5 +W12 9
3 IM Karaklajić, Nikola YUG +B43 +B18 +W16 -W2 +B11 +B14 +W6 =B1 +W4 =B8 8
4 Branicki, Ignacy POL +B49 +W27 -B14 +W29 +B39 -B1 +W16 +W22 -B3 +B10 7
5 Wood, Baruch Harold ENG +B28 -W1 -B35 +W26 +B37 +W12 +B10 =W11 -W2 +B18
6 Barden, Leonard William ENG +B48 -W7 +W24 =B15 +W17 +W11 -B3 +W35 -B1 +B14
7 Lloyd, David E ENG +W46 +B6 -W2 -B10 -W18 =W21 +B27 +B29 +W23 +B15
8 Mabbs, David J ENG -W1 +B40 =W17 +B34 +W47 -B15 +B25 +W36 =B14 =W3
9 Wheatcroft, Timothy Martin ENG =W30 +B36 -W11 -B17 -B29 +W48 +B42 +W25 +B34 +W24
10 Janošević, Dragoljub YUG +B32 +W23 -B1 +W7 -W14 +B13 -W5 +B15 +B22 -W4 6
11 Pritchard, David Brine ENG +B40 =W25 +B9 +W37 -W3 -B6 +W18 =B5 +W17 -W1 6
12 Oliff, Keith Michael ENG =W22 =B24 =W34 +W42 =B23 -B5 +W38 +B16 +W13 -B2 6
13 Rhodes, Herbert Gibson ENG -B26 +W21 -B23 +W38 +B30 -W10 +B44 +W34 -B12 +W22 6
14 Mardle, Denis Victor ENG +B21 +B15 +W4 -W1 +B10 -W3 +B39 -B2 =W8 -W6
15 IM Wade, Robert Graham NZL +B38 -W14 +B33 =W6 +B25 +W8 -B2 -W10 +B35 -W7
16 Pratten, Wilfred Henry ENG +B31 +W26 -B3 -B39 +W24 +W35 -B4 -W12 +W19 =B23
17 WM Sunnucks, Patricia Anne ENG =B20 =W29 =B8 +W9 -B6 =W36 =B30 +W28 -B11 +W35
18 IM Fazekas, Stefan ENG +B50 -W3 +B26 -W35 +B7 =W20 -B11 +W39 +B36 -W5
19 Pritchard, Elaine ENG =B41 -W35 +B28 =W23 =B20 +W27 -B36 +W30 -B16 +W34
20 Rosse, Jack Dennis ENG =W17 -B22 +W44 +B46 =W19 =B18 -B35 =W24 =B28 +W36
21 Reuser, M SUI -W14 -B13 -W40 +W50 +B26 =B7 -W28 +W42 +B31 +B30
22 Newman, Richard Hilary ENG =B12 +W20 +B41 +W25 +B35 =B2 -W1 -B4 -W10 -B13 5
23 Hall, Arthur ENG +B44 -B10 +W13 =B19 =W12 -W39 =B24 +W38 -B7 =W16 5
24 Wilkinson, Bernard Landon ENG =B47 =W12 -B6 +W31 -B16 +W37 =W23 =B20 +W32 -B9 5
25 Hindle, Owen Mark ENG +W34 =B11 +W47 -B22 -W15 +B33 -W8 -B9 +W41 =B32 5
26 Evans, Wilfred ENG +W13 -B16 -W18 -B5 -W21 =B32 +W45 +B49 =W27 +B38 5
27 Corish, Aidan Timothy ENG -W33 -B4 =W48 +W32 +B41 -B19 -W7 +W44 =B26 +W40 5
28 Allen, P. ENG -W5 =B44 -W19 -W48 +B31 +W41 +B21 -B17 =W20 +B42 5
29 Cannon, L John ENG =W39 =B17 =W46 -B4 +W9 +B47 -B34 -W7 -B30 +W44
30 Dean, Paul ENG =B9 -W41 =W36 +B45 -W13 +B46 =W17 -B19 +W29 -W21
31 Exell, Ernest George ENG -W16 -B46 +W50 -B24 -W28 =B45 +W43 +B47 -W21 +B41
32 Futter, David ENG -W10 =W42 -B38 -B27 +B50 =W26 +B33 +W40 -B24 =W25
33 Gunnell, Kenneth George Percy ENG +B27 -B2 -W15 +W40 -B36 -W25 -W32 =B46 +W49 +B45
34 Matchett, Harry Gethin Thorp ENG -B25 +W50 =B12 -W8 +B42 +W44 +W29 -B13 -W9 -B19
35 Mills, Lewis Johnstone ENG =W45 +B19 +W5 +B18 -W22 -B16 +W20 -B6 -W15 -B17
36 Tadiello, Charles ENG =B37 -W9 =B30 +W49 +W33 =B17 +W19 -B8 -W18 -B20
37 Hardy Otto ENG =W36 =B39 +W45 -B11 -W5 -B24 +W46 -B41 -B38 +B49 4
38 James, Rodney ENG -W15 =B43 +W32 -B13 =W46 +W40 -B12 -B23 +W37 -W26 4
39 Smart, Ian Christopher ENG =B29 =W37 +B49 +W16 -W4 +B23 -W14 -B18 ABS ABS 4
40 Thompson, John Crittenden ENG -W11 -W8 +B21 -B33 +W45 -B38 +W47 -B32 +W43 -B27 4
41 Henlen, George William ENG =W19 +B30 -W22 -B47 -W27 -B28 +W50 +W37 -B25 -W31
42 Love, Stanley Charles ENG -W2 =B32 +W43 -B12 -W34 +B49 -W9 -B21 +B48 -W28
43 Mellor, Robert ENG -W3 =W38 -B42 -B44 -W49 +B50 -B31 +W48 -B40 +W47
44 Mazītis, Arnolds ENG -W23 =W28 -B20 +W43 +B48 -B34 -W13 -B27 +W47 -B29
45 Wilhelm, A SUI =B35 =W49 -B37 -W30 -B40 =W31 -B26 +B50 +W46 -W33
46 Manners John ENG -B7 +W31 =B29 -W20 =B38 -W30 -B37 =W33 -B45 =W50 3
47 Blackett, Henry Middleton ENG =W24 +B48 -B25 +W41 -B8 -W29 -B40 -W31 -B44 -B43
48 Kirtlan, Patric ENG -W6 -W47 =B27 +B28 -W44 -B9 -W49 -B43 -W42 bye
49 Rety, John ENG -W4 =B45 -W39 -B36 +B43 -W42 +B48 -W26 -B33 -W37
50 Watson Arthur ENG -W18 -B34 -B31 -B21 -W32 -W43 -B41 -W45 bye =B46

Once again, O’Kelly won the by now traditional international open in Bognor Regis, but this time he had to share the honours with West German Darga. All information comes from [1].


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