3rd Stevenson memorial, Bognor Regis

13-04-1955 > 23-04-1955

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Tot
1 IM
O’Kelly de Galway, Albéric BEL +W16 -B2 +W22 +B13 +W8 =B6 +B3 +W4 +B11 =B5 8
2 Clarke, Peter Hugh ENG +B18 +W1 =B6 +W3 =B10 =W4 =B11 +W16 =W5 =B7 7
3 Wood, Baruch Harold ENG +W27 +B22 =W4 -B2 +W7 +B9 -W1 +B12 =B6 +W14 7
4 Karaklajić, Nikola YUG +W12 +W13 =B3 =B8 +W5 =B2 =W6 -B1 =W9 +B11
5 Martinovsky, Eugene Simeon YUG =B8 =W9 +B31 +W15 -B4 +W13 +B10 =W6 =B2 =W1
6 GM Tartakower, Kaswery FRA +W19 +B28 =W2 +B24 =W9 =W1 =B4 =B5 =W3 =B8
7 Lehmann, Heinz Gerhard GER =B24 +W21 -B8 +W18 -B3 =B12 +W15 +W10 +B16 =W2
8 Green, Arnold Yorwarth ENG =W5 +B20 +W7 =W4 -B1 -B11 +W28 =B21 +W12 =W6 6
9 Trampuž, Cveto YUG +W29 =B5 =B10 +W26 =B6 -W3 +B13 -W11 =B4 +W18 6
10 Hooper, David ENG =W17 +B30 =W9 +B11 =W2 =B21 -W5 -B7 +W26 +B16 6
11 Newman, Richard Hilary ENG -B13 +W25 +B14 -W10 +B28 +W8 =W2 +B9 -W1 -W4
12 Matchett, Harry Gethin Thorp ENG -B4 +W16 ♦0/24 +W14 +B25 =W7 +B18 -W3 -B8 +W26
13 Spiller, Arthur USA +W11 -B4 +W32 -W1 +B26 -B5 -W9 =B19 +B23 +W21
14 WM Tranmer, Eileen Betsy ENG -W22 +B27 -W11 -B12 +W30 =B17 +W24 +B28 +W21 -B3
15 Stevenson, Reginald William ENG =W23 =B17 +W28 -B5 +W32 -B16 -B7 =W25 +W20 +B22
16 Mackay, Donald ENG -B1 -B12 +W23 +W31 +B22 +W15 +W21 -B2 -W7 -W10 5
17 Tredinnick, George Harold Foster ENG =B10 =W15 -B26 -W21 +B27 =W14 +B30 +W23 -B18 =W19 5
18 Lloyd, Kenneth William
ENG -W2 =B19 +W20 -B7 +W29 +B24 -W12 =B26 +W17 -B9 5
19 Halliwell, Brian ENG -B6 =W18 -B21 +W27 =B31 =W22 -B26 =W13 +W28 =B17
20 Rosse, Jack Dennis ENG =B25 -W8 -B18 -W22 -B23 +W27 +B29 +W31 -B15 +B32
21 Borland, John Alexander Charles ENG =W32 -B7 +W19 +B17 +W24 =W10 -B16 =W8 -B14 -B13
22 Moore, Brian ENG +B14 -W3 -B1 +B20 -W16 =B19 -W23 +W24 +B25 -W15
23 Love, Stanley Charles ENG =B15 -W24 -B16 =B29 +W20 =W26 +B22 -B17 -W13 +W30
24 Dean, Paul ENG =W7 +B23 +W12 -W6 -B21 -W18 -B14 -B22 +W32 =B29 4
25 Gardiner, Oliver Cordery ENG =W20 -B11 =W30 +B32 -W12 -B28 +B31 =B15 -W22 =W27 4
26 Toms, David Anthony ENG -W28 +B29 +W17 -B9 -W13 =B23 +W19 =W18 -B10 -B12 4
27 Biggs, M. ENG -B3 -W14 =W29 -B19 -W17 -B20 =W32 +W30 +B31 =B25
28 Thompson, John Crittenden ENG +B26 -W6 -B15 +B30 -W11 +W25 -B8 -W14 -B19 =W31
29 Greenwood, P. E. ENG -B9 -W26 =B27 =W23 -B18 =W31 -W20 +B32 -B30 =W24 3
30 Evans, Wilfred ENG =B31 -W10 =B25 -W28 -B14 +B32 -W17 -B27 +W29 -B23 3
31 Watson, Arthur ENG =W30 =B32 -W5 -B16 =W19 =B29 -W25 -B20 -W27 =B28
32 Fawcett, Edward Douglas ENG =B21 =W31 -B13 -W25 -B15 -W30 =B27 -W30 -B24 -W20

Despite his second round loss to Clarke, O’Kelly managed to win this relatively strong open tournament. [1] has a great deal of information. It is where I got the crosstable and most of the games I have. I found a single extra one in [2].


  • Most of O’Kelly’s games.
  • Some first names.


  1. BritBase
  2. De Volksgazet 14-06-1955
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