8th international tournament, Eastbourne

12-09-1960 > 23-09-1960

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Tot
1 GM Donner, Jan Hein NED b8+ w17+ b18+ w3+ b2= w15+ b4+ b5= w7+ b6= w12= w16+ 10
2 GM O’Kelly de Galway, Albéric BEL w45+ b33+ w4+ b16+ w1= b5= w6+ w15= b13+ b3+ w7= b8+ 10
3 IM Pérez Pérez, Francisco José ESP w34+ b19+ w15+ b1- w9+ b6- w12+ b11= b4+ w2- b16+ b5= 8
4 Rumens, David Edward ENG b23+ w47+ b2- w12= b10+ w7+ w1- b9+ w3- b14+ w6= b21+ 8
5 Cafferty, Bernard ENG b25= w21+ b12= w28+ b17+ w2= b18= w1= b15= w8= b13+ w3= 8
6 Hindle, Owen Mark ENG b12= w13+ b10= w26+ b18= w3+ b2- w8= b11+ w1= b4= b7=
7 Macdonald-Ross, Michael ENG w37+ b36+ w9= b29+ w15- b4- w24+ b10+ b1- w19+ b2= w6=
8 Meade, Philip J ENG w1- b48= w22+ b32+ w16+ b12= w11= b6= w37+ b5= b15+ w2-
9 Smart, Ian Christopher ENG b44+ w26+ b7= w10+ b3- w18= b13= w4- b20= w17+ b11= w23+
10 Betts, Douglas A ENG w49+ b29+ w6= b9- w4- w23+ w16+ w7- b25+ w13- w18+ b12+
11 Peek, Richard A ENG b41= w25- b46+ w24+ b27= w17+ b8= w3= w6- b36+ w9= b15+
12 Taylor, John Dudley ENG w6= b40+ w5= b4= b35+ w8= b3- w20+ b17+ w15= b1= w10- 7
13 McBain, Michael J ENG w16= b6- w34+ b49+ w36+ b29= w9= b18+ w2- b10+ w5- b22= 7
14 Butcher, Alfred Joseph ENG def- bye+ w36- b23- w20- b49+ w47+ b33+ b43+ w4- b27+ w28+ 7
15 Riley, Douglas Eric Arnold ENG b43+ w24+ b3- w41+ b7+ b1- w29+ b2= w5= b12= w8- w11-
16 May, Alan K ENG b13= w20+ b25+ w2- b8- w41+ b10- w21+ w29+ b31+ w3- b1-
17 McMinn, A J ENG w32+ b1- w31+ b36+ w5- b11- w34+ b22+ w12- b9- w30= b29+
18 Sunderland, Leonard S ENG w48+ b38+ w1- b42+ w6= b9= w5= w13- b19- b22+ b10- b37+
19 Kennedy, Robert Colin IRL b27+ w3- b24- w39- b46+ w26+ w25+ b31= w18+ b7- w21- b30+
20 Wood, Christopher Baruch ENG w30= b16- w45+ w27- b14+ b42+ w22= b12- w9= b21- w33+ b31+
21 Mazītis, Arnolds ENG w38= b5- w32- b48+ w37+ b34- w33+ b16- b26+ w20+ b19+ w4-
22 Pollitt, John H ENG b24- w46= b8- w40+ b43+ w28+ b20= w17- b27+ w18- b38+ w13=
23 Flood, John A ENG w4- b42- bye+ w14+ b39= b10- b41+ w25- b24+ b29+ w31+ b9-
24 Broido, Michael M ENG w22+ b15- w19+ b11- w30+ w27= b7- b29- w23- b34+ w32+ b26= 6
25 Wells, David Graham ENG w5= b11+ w16- w35- b45+ w39+ b19- b23+ w10- b27- b44= w38+ 6
26 Scowen, Roger S ENG w31+ b9- w30+ b6- w29- b19- w36+ b32= w21- b42+ w37+ w24= 6
27 Young, E NZL w19- b32= w48+ b20+ w11= b24= w31= w38- w22- w25+ w14- b36+ 6
28 Pennycuick, David Bruce ENG w40= b45= w33+ b5- w42= b22- w37- b35+ b46= w41+ w36+ b14- 6
29 Broido, Stephen P ENG b46+ w10- b47+ w7- b26+ w13= b15- w24+ b16- w23- b43+ w17-
30 Rushbrook, Ronald E ENG b20= w41= b26- w47+ b24- b36- w32- w44+ b48+ w46+ b17= w19-
31 Hobson, Alwyn K ENG b26- w44+ b17- w33+ b41= w35+ b27= w19= b38+ w16- b23- w20-
32 Stewart, Michael I ENG b17- w27= b21+ w8- w34= b37- b30+ w26= b36- w35+ b24- w41+
33 Matchett, Harry Gethin Thorp ENG b39+ w2- b28- b31- w49+ w44+ b21- w14- b40+ w43= b20- w42+
34 Dymond, Michael John ENG b3- w35= b13- w46+ b32= w21+ b17- w43- b39+ w24- b41= w44+
35 Johnstone, J A SCO w36- b34= w38+ b25+ w12- b31- w42- w28- b47+ b32- w40+ w43+
36 Gill, Neville B K ENG b35+ w7- b14+ w17- b13- w30+ b26- b47+ w32+ w11- b28- w27- 5
37 Monciunskas, Petras ENG b7- w39- b44+ w43= b21- w32+ b28+ w42+ b8- w38= b26- w18- 5
38 Hughes, Bryan H ENG b21= w18- b35- w45- bye+ w40+ b44+ b27+ w31- b37= w22- b25- 5
39 Woodward, Vivian H ENG w33- b37+ w42- b19+ w23= b25- b43= w46- w34- b40- bye+ b48+ 5
40 Evans, Wilfred ENG b28= w12- b43- b22- w48+ b38- w45+ b41= w33- w39+ b35- bye+ 5
41 Byrne, Colin J ENG w11= b30= w49+ b15- w31= b16- w23- w40= b42+ b28- w34= b32-
42 White, A ENG b47- w23+ b39+ w18- b28= w20- b35+ b37- w41- w26- w46+ b33-
43 Akeroyd, Frederick Michael ENG w15- b49- w40+ b37= w22- b45+ w39= b34+ w14- b33= w29- b35-
44 Mondelski, Pawel Adam R ENG w9- b31- w37- bye+ b47+ b33- w38- b30- w49+ b48+ w25= b34-
45 Tailford, R ENG b2- w28= b20- b38+ w25- w43- b40- w48- bye+ b49- w47+ b46+
46 Block, Leonard P ENG w29- b22= w11- b34- w19- bye+ w49+ b39+ w28= b30- b42- w45- 4
47 Jaeck, Fridolin ENG w42+ b4- w29- b30- w44- b48+ b14- w36- w35- bye+ b45- w49+ 4
48 Wakefield, Willington Lucette ENG b18- w8= b27- w21- b40- w47- bye+ b45+ w30- w44- b49+ w39-
49 Gosling, H ENG b10- w43+ b41- w13- b33- w14- b46- bye+ b44- w45+ w48- b47- 3

The two grandmasters clearly dominated the field, which mostly consisted of local English experts. All information I have comes from [1].


  • Many first names.
  • Most of O’Kelly’s games.


  1. BritBase
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