VSC Antwerp vs. Bredasche SV, Antwerp


1 Perquin, Walter ½-½ Rassers, Piet
2 Koltanowski, George 1-0 Pijpers
3 Sohlberg 0-1 Binkhorst van Oudcarspel
4 Van Hoek 1-0 van de Noordaa
5 Jacobs, George Jacob 1-0 Verpalen
6 Klein 1-0 van Vliet
7 Van Praag ½-½ Beker
8 Stoel 1-0 van As
9 Berghmans 1-0 Hessels
10 Weytens 1-0 Moelants
11 Pittoors 0-1 Schol
12 Lodewijckx 0-1 Alberda
13 Van Damme 0-1 Boomsma
Tot VSC Antwerp 8-5 Bredasche SV

After the previous match in Breda had ended in a tie, a return match was organised. This saw a clear victory for the Antwerp team. The match started at 13:30 and by 17:00 all games were finished. [1], which is where I found the results above, gives the VSC’s second board as Peeters. However, [2] claims it was really Koltanowski playing under a pseudonym. Why he would play under a pseudonym or why he would play on second board i unclear. The games I have where kindly keyed in and sent to me by Mr. Olthof, quoting [2] and [3].

On the same day, Mrs. Menčíková played a simultaneous exhibition on 20 boards with the result +12, =3, -5.I found some games from this exhibition, which I have included as they may be of general interest.


  • Most first names.
  • All games.


  1. De Schelde 04/11/1928
  2. E. Lesman, Jubileumuitgave van de schaakvereniging De Baronie te Breda, Trimbach 1992 [as quoted by Mr. Olthof]
  3. Rassers’ scorebook
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