Tunisia vs. Belgium, Tunis


1 Belkadi, Ridha ½-½ 1-0 Willaert, Robert
2 Kchouk, Bechir 1-0 ½-½ De Rycke, Paul
3 Ben Cheikh, Boursoni
Lagha, Khelil

Renard, Jean
4 Lagha, Khelil
Ennigrou, A.

Quintyn, Prudent
5 Ben Rehouma, Hachemi ½-½ 1-0 Van Hoorne, Frans
6 Bouaziz, Slim 1-0 1-0 Dartois
Tot Tunisia 5-1 4½-1½ Belgium

According to [1], this match was held to commemorate Tunisia’s independence. The teams consisted of 4 senior players, one student and one junior. The Belgian team was exceptionally weak, since the players had to pay for their own trip to Marseille (from where they presumably took a boat that was paid for by the Tunisian federation). A blitz tournament was also played, but I don’t know the results. Willaert (+22,=3,-1) and De Rycke (+21,=4,-1) also gave simultaneous exhibitions. [2] gives the games.For some time, I was confused about the names of the Tunisian players because of an inconsistency between [1] and [2], but [3] confirms the information as in [1], which at least for now I will assume to be right.


  • Dartois’ first name.


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