SK Merksem jubilee tournament, Merksem

03-05-1951 > 10-07-1951

SK Merksem 4-21 CÉ Colle Brussels
6-19 Antwerp SK
8½-16½ Limburg
9½-15½ Bruges SK
11-14 Ruy Lopez
11½-13½ SK Jean Jaurès Ghent
12½-12½ Het Schaakbord Antwerp
12½-12½ Arbeiders SK Antwerp
17-8 Bell Telephone Antwerp
19½-5½ Antwerp province
21-4 Antwerp juniors
+/- K Ghent SK

SK Merksem organised a team tournament in an original format: twelve teams, including a team of Antwerp junior players and one for the whole province of Limburg, were invited to square off against the organisers on 25 boards. The three visiting teams that scored the most points got prizes of 3,500 BEF, 1,500 BEF, and 1,000 BEF respectively. Ghent did not manage to get a team together and forfeited their planned last round match. The main point of interest in this tournament was the participation of none other than O’Kelly, who won his game (quite elegantly) on board one for CÉ Colle Brussels.


  • Almost all games.
  • The detailed results.


  1. Gazet van Antwerpen 01/05 – 05/06/1951
  2. De Volksgazet 03, 17/06/1951
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