4th Mechelse toren, Mechelen

29-04-1951 > 06-05-1951

Round 1
Nielse SK 1-5 Mechelse SK I
Mechelse SK II 0-6 St. Theresia
Antwerp SK 3-3 Philidor Leuven
Boomse SK 1½-4½ Excelsior Dendermonde
Het Schaakbord 2-4 Arbeiders SK
Round 2
Antwerp SK 5½-½ St. Theresia
Excelsior Dendermonde 2½-3½ Mechelse SK I
Arbeiders SK 2-4 Philidor Leuven
Antwerp SK 5½-½ Excelsior Dendermonde
Philidor Leuven 5-1 Mechelse SK I
Philidor Leuven 2½-3½ Antwerp SK

The fourth edition of this tournament gathered some stronger players: Bussers, Coosemans, and Blockx played for Antwerp SK, Vandiest for Arbeiders SK, Boey for Het Schaakbord. I am also wondering whether the Schumacher playing for Philidor Leuven might not be Helmut Schumacher studying in Leuven at this time. The results come from [1], but there Antwerp-Philidor Leuven from the first round is given as 3-2 with one adjourned game. [2] gives the result as 3-3 so presumably Leuven won this adjourned game.


  • The individual results from the semifinals.
  • All but one of the games.


  1. Gazet van Mechelen 25/04/1951
  2. De Standaard 12/05/1951
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