SK Birseck vs. Belgium, Basel


1 Leepin, Peter ½-½ Dunkelblum, Arthur
2 Müller, Paul 1-0 Van Hoorde, Edouard
3 Schudel, Hans Jakob 1-0 Schumacher, Helmut
4 Müller 1-0 De Wolf, Guy
5 Lardon 0-1 Gobert, Jos
6 Kilchsperger 1-0 Vrancken
7 Fatzer 1-0 Heynen, Gerard
Tot Birseck 5½-1½ Belgium

On their way back from the Clare Benedict cup, the Belgian team stopped in Basel to play a match against a local team. The official team was extended by reserve player Vrancken and non-playing captain Heynen. [1] gives full results, although that source claims 6½-1½ as final results. Perhaps a board – presumably with Van As as the Belgian player – is omitted. Heynen junior and Van Hoorde junior played out of competition against Lölliger and Jost. Both players lost their game. [2] gives the only game I have.


  • All but one of the games.
  • First names for Müller, Lardon, Kilchsperger, Vrancken, and Fatzer.


  2. De Volksgazet 28-04-1953
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