Rotterdam vs. Antwerp, Rotterdam


1 van Donk, Henk ½-½ Boey, Jozef Martin
2 Vlagsma, Chris 0-1 Van Schoor, Karel
3 Dries, Jan 1-0 Franck, Alfons
4 Janssens 1-0 Dekeyser, Eduard
5 Roos 1-0 Van den Driessche, Arie
6 Roodzant, Catharina ½-½ Blockx, Frank
7 Vijgeboom, Hennie 0-1 Oldemeier
8 Nijhuis 0-1 Vanzalen
9 Brons 0-1 IM Dunkelblum, Arthur
10 Bijl ½-½ Tensen
ST Rotterdam 4½-5½ Antwerp
Tot 15-7

The traditional match between Rotterdam and Antwerp ended in a victory for the Dutch home team, but the visitors won the exchange trophy since only the first ten boards counted towards that. I know little more than the results quoted above, that come from [1]. I do wonder why Dunkelblum played on such a low board. Was he maybe a last minute replacement for someone else?


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  1. Het Rotterdamsch Parool 04/05/1959