K Antwerp SK vs. Haagse SB, Antwerp


1 Boey, Jozef Martin 1-0 Jacobson, Maurits
2 Dunkelblum, Arthur 1-0 van de Pol, Jan
3 De Poorter, C 0-1 van Vloten, George Willem
4 Borodin, Vladimir 1-0 de Bondt, L
5 Franck, Alfons ½-½ Breet, A
6 Eisenstein ½-½ Wouters
7 Magé 0-1 Evers
8 Mollekens, Jozef ½-½ Vink
9 Dekeyser, Eduard ½-½ Madlener
10 Van den Driessche, Arie ½-½ Zumker
Tot K Antwerp SK 5½-4½ Haagse SB

The Haagse Schaakbond, the chess federation of The Hague, sent a team to Antwerp to play against a very strong local squad. They were beaten, but honourably so. De Poorter was a late replacement for Van Schoor.

The results and the date come from [1]. [2] gives Sunday, April 19th as the date but that’s clearly wrong since the results were published before that! [2] gives the venue as De Witte Leeuw, which is where the K Antwerp SK usually played around this time. The same source gives the only games I have.


  • Most games.
  • Many first names.


  1. Het Vaderland 13/04/1959
  2. De Volksgazet 21/04/1959
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