Oakham young masters, Oakham


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tot
1 Kuczyński, Robert 2410 POL 21b+ 20w= 3b= 15w+ 7w= 10b+ 2w= 6b+ 5w=
2 FM Horváth, Csaba 2345 HUN 8w+ 33w+ 11b+ 30b+ 3w= 6w= 1b= 5b- 4w= 6
3 IM Condie, Mark Lockewood 2425 SCO 13w+ 30b= 1w= 26b+ 2b= 7w= 16b= 15w+ 9b= 6
4 IM Howell, James Clifford 2395 ENG 24b= 41w+ 20b= 6w- 17b+ 23w+ 7b= 16w+ 2b= 6
5 IM Viswanathan Anand 2405 IND 28b- 34w+ 21b= 37w+ 9b= 20w+ 6b= 2w+ 1b= 6
6 McDonald, Neil R 2320 ENG 27w= 32b+ 15w= 4b+ 8w+ 2b= 5w= 1w- 12b=
7 FM Rojas Sepúlveda, Eduardo 2330 CHI 32w= 37b= 31w+ 19w+ 1b= 3b= 4w= 9w= 8b=
8 FM Shovel, Kenneth 2225 ENG 2b- 22w+ 40b+ 11w+ 6b- 9w= 10w= 37b+ 7w=
9 FM Marin, Mihail 2425 ROM 39w+ 26b= 27w= 16b= 5w= 8b= 19w+ 7b= 3w=
10 Waddingham, Graham A 2305 ENG 19b- 39b+ 38w= 22w+ 30b+ 1w- 8b= 14w= 21b+
11 Blatný, Pavel 2415 CZE 34b+ 28w+ 2w- 8b- 26w= 12b= 37w+ 36b+ 13w=
12 Nikolić, Nebojša 2350 YUG 41b= 36w= 35b+ 20w+ 19b- 11w= 13w= 23b+ 6w=
13 Schulte, Oliver 2310 GER 3b- 38b- 32w+ 33w= 42b+ 17w+ 12b= 22w+ 11b=
14 FM Wells, Peter Kenneth 2400 ENG 35w= 29b- 18w= 34b= 33w+ 37b= 26w+ 10b= 19w+
15 Thomas, Ian L 2325 ENG 38w+ 19w= 6b= 1b- 31w= 27b+ 29w+ 3b- 17w= 5
16 Dunnington, Angus James 2250 ENG 23b= 40w= 33b+ 9w= 27w+ 19b= 3w= 4b- 25w= 5
17 Ward, Christopher ENG 29w= 31b+ 26w= 27b= 4w- 13b- 40b+ 20w+ 15b= 5
18 FM Wolff, Patrick Gideon 2370 USA 20b- 42w= 14b= 28w= 37b- 33b= 39w+ 30b+ 26w+ 5
19 IM Conquest, Stuart 2400 ENG 10w+ 15b= 29w+ 7b- 12w+ 16w= 9b- 21w= 14b-
20 Burgess, Mark Robert 2270 SCO 18w+ 1b= 4w= 12b- 29w+ 5b- 36w= 17b- 33w+
21 Finegold, Benjamin 2280 USA 1w- 25b+ 5w= 29b= 24b= 40w+ 27w= 19b= 10w-
22 FM Piket, Jeroen 2410 NED 26w- 8b- 25w+ 10b- 41w+ 38b+ 30w+ 13b- 23w=
23 FM Arlandi, Ennio 2360 ITA 16w= 35b= 37w= 36b= 38w+ 4b- 24w+ 12w- 22b=
24 Carr, Neil Leslie 2325 ENG 4w= 27b- 41w+ 38b= 21w= 26b= 23b- 31w= 36w+
25 MacFarlane, Donald 2360 AUS 33b- 21w- 22b- 39w+ 35b= 34w+ 28b= 29w+ 16b=
26 Buckmire, Ron 2280 BRB 22b+ 9w= 17b= 3w- 11b= 24w= 14b- 34w+ 18b- 4
27 IM Klinger, Josef 2445 AUT 6b= 24w+ 9b= 17w= 16b- 15w- 21b= 28w= 31b= 4
28 Emms, John Michael 2305 ENG 5w+ 11b- 30w- 18b= 34w= 31b= 25w= 27b= 32w= 4
29 FM Pálkövi, József 2320 HUN 17b= 14w+ 19b- 21w= 20b- 35w+ 15b- 25b- 38w+ 4
30 Galego, Luís 2330 POR 42b+ 3w= 28b+ 2w- 10w- 36b= 22b- 18w- 37w+ 4
31 Schandorff, Lars 2335 DEN 36b+ 17w- 7b- 35w= 15b= 28w= 34b= 24b= 27w= 4
32 Adler, Joël 2220 SUI 7b= 6w- 13b- 42w- 39b- 41b+ 38w+ 35w+ 28b= 4
33 Foguenne, Marc 2250 BEL 25w+ 2b- 16w- 13b= 14b- 18w= 35b= 40w+ 20b-
34 Adams, Michael 2295 ENG 11w- 5b- 39w+ 14w= 28b= 25b- 31w= 26b- 41w+
35 Dawson, Craig R 2275 ENG 14b= 23w= 12w- 31b= 25w= 29b- 33w= 32b- 42b+
36 WM Walker, Susan Kathryn 2220 ENG 31w- 12b= 42b+ 23w= 40b= 30w= 20b= 11w- 24b-
37 Pulkkinen, Kari 2245 FIN 40b= 7w= 23b= 5b- 18w+ 14w= 11b- 8w- 30b- 3
38 van Hasselt, Frank HKG 15b- 13w+ 10b= 24w= 23b- 22w- 32b- 42w+ 29b- 3
39 Hennigan, Michael ENG 9b- 10w- 34b- 25b- 32w+ 42w+ 18b- 41b- 40w+ 3
40 FM Kuznecov, Alex 2350 CAN 37w= 16b= 8w- 41b+ 36w= 21b- 17w- 33b- 39b-
41 Ludvigsen, Frode 2235 NOR 12w= 4b- 24b- 40w- 22b- 32w- 42b+ 39w+ 34b-
42 Manoj Kumar, Paramesweran IND 30w- 18b= 36w- 32b+ 13w- 39b- 41w- 38b- 35w-

After his success in the 1985 world junior championship this tournament was a bit of a disappointment for Foguenne. [1] has all the games from which the crosstable was extracted.


  • The exact dates for the games.


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