Mechelse Toren, Mechelen

01-05-1948 > 09-05-1948

Round 1
Vilvoorde 2-4 Mechelse SK
Philidor Leuven 5½-½ Boom
Sint Theresia 5-1 Nielse SK
Het Schaakbord 4-2 SK Merksem
Vlaamse SK 2-4 Mat of Pat
Round 2
Philidor Leuven 4-2 Mat of Pat
Arsenaal Mechelen 1-5 Sint Theresia
Mechelse SK 0-6 Het Schaakbord
Philidor Leuven 4½-1½ Het Schaakbord
Sint Theresia 3½-2½ Mat of Pat
Philidor Leuven 4-2 Sint Theresia

At the occasion of it’s twentieth year of existence (but with a one year delay), the Mechelse SK organised a rather big knock-out team tournament. For some reason, the club Arsenaal Mechelen, received a bye in the first round. After the second round, Mat of Pat was still qualified for the semifinals as the best scoring losing team. I took the results and the one game I have from [1]. The spelling of the player’s names in this source is not very consistent. Consequently, there might be some errors in the detailed results, which can be found here. Of the Belgian top players, few were present. The most well-known player was probably Karel Van Schoor, who was Het Schaakbord’s first board.


  • Almost all first names.
  • All but one of the games.


  1. Gazet van Mechelen 03-05-1948 – 21-05-1948
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