3rd Mechelse Toren, Mechelen

18-05-1950 > 29-05-1950

Round 1
Antwerpse SK 6-0 Putse SK
Arbeiders SK 3-3 SK Merksem
Excelsior Dendermonde 2½-3½ Boomse SK
Mat of Pat 3-3 Het Schaakbord
Leuvense SK 3-3 Philidor Leuven
Sint Theresia 4½-1½ Vlaamse SK
Nielse SK ½-5½ Mechelse SK
Round 2
Boomse SK ½-5½ Arbeiders SK
Antwerpse SK 5-1 Sint Theresia
Het Schaakbord 3-3 SK Merksem
Leuvense SK 3-3 Mechelse SK
Mechelse SK 1½-4½ Arbeiders SK
Antwerpse SK 3½-2½ Het Schaakbord
Arbeiders SK 3½-2½ Antwerpse SK

After winning the first two editions, Philidor Leuven was eliminated in the first round, despite fielding more or less the same team. A few good players participated in this edition, including Blockx (2½/4) and Coosemans (1/1) for Antwerpse SK, Vandiest (2½/3) for Arbeiders SK, and especially Boey (3/3) for Het Schaakbord. The detailed results can be found here, but almost all games are unfortunately missing.


  • Many, many first names.
  • Almost all games.


  1. Gazet van Mechelen
  2. De Volkgazet
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