Match Soultanbeieff vs. O’Kelly de Galway, Brussels?


1 2 Tot
Soultanbeieff, Victor Ivanovich BEL ½ ½ 1
O’Kelly de Galway, Albéric BEL ½ ½ 1

[2] gives two games played by O’Kelly in Soultanbeieff in what it calls a friendly encounter. As Soultanbeieff mentions, in his chess autobiography [2], a small match with O’Kelly played around this time ending with two draws, I presume that is where these games come from.

I don’t know where the games were played, but Brussels seems like a reasonable bet. Possibly, one game was played in Brussels and one in Liège. Possibly, it was in yet another place.


  • Where were the games played?
  • The exact dates of the games.


  1. V. I. Soultanbeieff, Guide pratique du Jeu des Combinaisons, Échec et mat
  2. Belgische Schaakbond, Driemaandelijksch Tijdschrift 1942/1-2
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