Match Belgium vs. France, Brussels

05-06-1949 > 06-06-1949

1 Devos, Paul 1-0 ½-½ Betbeder Matibet, Louis
2 Dunkelblum, Arthur ½-½ ½-½ Noradounguian, Georges
3 Baert, Arthur 1-0 ½-½ Bigot, Louis
4 Janssens, André ½-½ 0-1 Boutteville, César
5 Lemaire, Robert 1-0 1-0 Crépeaux, Robert
6 Arnstein 1-0 ½-½ Gibaud, Amédée
7 Wéry ½-½ 0-1 Daniel, Roger
8 Mollekens, Jozef ½-½ 1-0 Bergraser, Volf
9 De Mey, Emile 0-1 0-1 Hugot, Claude
10 Franck, Alfons 0-1 0-1 Kesten, Salomon
Tot Belgium 6-4 4-6 France

The third match between Belgium and France was organised by the Cercle Cole, the main chess club in Brussels around this time. The French players were appropriately housed in Hôtel de France, while the match itself took place in De Vos, an old baroque house on the Grote Markt. The French team arrived on Saturday, June 4th. On the morning of Sunday, June 5th, a hike was organised in the woods near Brussels [presumably in the Sonian forest just south of the city]. At 15:00, the first round started. It ended in a surprising 6-4 victory for the home team. On Monday, they lost by the same numbers. Surprisingly, Belgium did well on the top boards. It must be admitted, though, that many strong players were missing on both sides: O’Kelly de Galway, Limbos, Tartakower, Rossolimo…

Mr. Tamm very kindly sent me a scan of a bulletin ([1]) giving all the above information and all the games, for which I am very grateful.


  • Wéry’s and Arnstein’s first name.


  1. Ed.: E. Lancel, Fédération Belge des Échecs – Section Française de Propagande: Bulletin Mensuel, Vol.1 No.1, 1949/06 [As very kindly corresponded by Mr. Tamm]
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