International team tournament, Leverkusen

31-10-1959 > 01-11-1959

1 2 3 MP BP
1 Bayer Leverkusen GER 20½ 22½ 2 43
2 Antwerp league BEL 17½ 1 24
3 Philips Eindhoven NED 0 14

All information I have comes from [1]. That source actually gives the result of the Bayerwerken-Antwerpen match as 23½-6½, but this is not compatible with the final standings. Moreover, it would imply that the number of boards for that match was larger than for the other matches. I wonder whether, officially, the Antwerp team was maybe an Agfa team, since Bayer and Philips are in more or less the same branch as that company. Unfortunately, I don’t even know the composition of the Antwerp team. Some of the participants were Boey, Van den Driessche, and Loeffler.


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  1. De Volksgazet 21-11-1959
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