11th NATO championship, Leopoldsburg

23-10-2000 > 27-10-2000

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tot
1 FM Döttling, Fabian GER 2473 49b+ 36w+ 27b+ 9w+ 2b= 19w+ 5w+
2 Mensch, Étienne FRA 2302 39b+ 47w+ 14b= 4w+ 1w= 10b= 11w+
3 Helbig, Mark GER 35w+ 31b+ 12w+ 18b+ 6w+ 5b- 7w=
4 Pedersen, Jacob Bang DEN 2169 44w+ 63b+ 6w= 2b- 20w+ 9b+ 10w+
5 FM Corvi, Marco ITA 2319 42w+ 26b+ 9w- 28b+ 18w+ 3w+ 1b- 5
6 Benedetti, Fabrizio ITA 2238 46b+ 28w+ 4b= 14w+ 3b- 8w= 19b+ 5
7 Toumaniantz, Rouslan FRA 2162 41w+ 13b= 30w+ 10b- 46w+ 26b+ 3b= 5
8 Dreesen, Jan GER 2119 20b- 34w+ 17b+ 46w= 33b+ 6b= 18w+ 5
9 FM Deleyn, Gunter BEL 2209 24b+ 25w+ 5b+ 1b- 10w= 4w- 29b+
10 Sirch, Franz GER 2215 30b= 58w+ 29b+ 7w+ 9b= 2w= 4b-
11 Neubauer, Andreas GER 48w+ 18b- 23w+ 20b= 15b+ 21w+ 2b-
12 Hortillosa, Andres USA 15b+ 16w+ 3b- 47w+ 19b- 29w= 28b+
13 Alaşlar, Devrim TUR 56b+ 7w= 19b= 21w= 14b+ 28w= 16b=
14 Bärwinkel, Tobias GER 2160 34b+ 40w+ 2w= 6b- 13w- 50b+ 32w+
15 Hammond, Andrew ENG 2213 12w- 41b+ 42w+ 32b= 11w- 37b+ 33w+
16 van Zandwijk, Jan Peter NED 2264 50w= 12b- 48w+ 39b+ 26w= 23b+ 13w=
17 Nişli, Kemal TUR 18w- 57b+ 8w- 63b+ 36w+ 22b= 26w+
18   Wantiez, Fabrice BEL 2244 17b+ 11w+ 21b+ 3w- 5b- 40w+ 8b- 4
19   Delforge, Guy BEL   52w= 50b+ 13w= 25b+ 12w+ 1b- 6w- 4
20 Avan, Uğur TUR 8w+ 21b- 45w+ 11w= 4b- 31b+ 22w= 4
21 Baudin, Frédéric FRA 2168 43b+ 20w+ 18w- 13b= 32w+ 11b- 25w= 4
22 Tommasini, Enzo ITA 40b- 55w+ 39b= 51w= 24b+ 17w= 20b= 4
23 Zengin, Sedat TUR 27b- 60w+ 11b- 59w+ 47b+ 16w- 40b+ 4
24 Cheung, Jan W NED 9w- 48b= 53w+ 31b= 22w- 60b+ 39w+ 4
25 Hater, David USA 62w+ 9b- 63w+ 19w- 51b= 48w+ 21b= 4
26   De Cat, Ben BEL   59b+ 5w- 43b+ 27w+ 16b= 7w- 17b-
27 Tia, Rudy Jr USA 2218 23w+ 32b+ 1w- 26b- 37w= 39b= 30w=
28 Nielsen, Jan Mose DEN 2030 54w+ 6b- 52w+ 5w- 60b+ 13b= 12w-
29 Cadiou, Jacques FRA 53w= 61b+ 10w- 40b= 35w+ 12b= 9w-
30 Crapulli, Giuseppe ITA 10w= 37b+ 7b- 33w- 54b= 59w+ 27b=
31 Falbo, Alessandro ITA 55b+ 3w- 46b- 24w= 43b+ 20w- 54w+
32 Okay, Koray TUR 60b+ 27w- 54b+ 15w= 21b- 51w+ 14b-
33 Nielsen, Henrik DEN 2024 61w= 52b= 40w= 30b+ 8w- 46b+ 15b-
34 Bağcı, Hikmet TUR 14w- 8b- 61w+ 49b= 39w- 53b+ 47b+
35 Steffers, Hendrik NED 3b- 56w+ 47b- 58w+ 29b- 36w= 50w+
36   Gooris, Jan BEL 2088 57w+ 1b- 49w+ abs 17b- 35b= 46w+
37 de Waard, Marco NED 51b= 30w- 58b= 41w+ 27b= 15w- 48b+
38 Wagenaar, Harm Theo NED 47b- 46w- bye 42b= 49w= 58w= 41b+
39 Koopmeiners, Karl GER 2w- 53b+ 22w= 16w- 34b+ 27w= 23b- 3
40 McInnes, Neil ENG 22w+ 14b- 33b= 29w= 45w+ 18b- 23w- 3
41   Kocur, Marc BEL   7b- 15w- 56b+ 37b- 53w+ 49b+ 38w- 3
42 Berrak, Sedat TUR 5b- 59w+ 15b- 38w= 48b- 61w= 58b+ 3
43 Dekker, Ard NED 21w- 62b+ 26w- 45b= 31w- 44b= 59w+ 3
44 McAleer, Jeffry ENG 4b- 49w- 59b- 56w+ 58b= 43w= 61b+ 3
45 Parnet, Arnaud FRA 58b= 51w= 20b- 43w= 40b- 55w= 63b+ 3
46 Costales, Charles USA 6w- 38b+ 31w+ 8b= 7b- 33w- 36b-
47   Maes, Patrick BEL   38w+ 2b- 35w+ 12b- 23w- 54b= 34w-
48 Molin, Fabio FRA 11b- 24w= 16b- 57w+ 42w+ 25b- 37w-
49 Nielsen, Niels Kristian DEN 1w- 44b+ 36b- 34w= 38b= 41w- 55b=
50 Parisse, Denis FRA 16b= 19w- 51b= 54w= 61b+ 14w- 35b-
51 Emmins, Karl ENG 34w= 45b= 50w= 22b= 25w= 32b- 52b-
52 Engelen, Johan NED 19b= 33w= 28b- 60w- 59b- 57b= 51w+
53 Foulds, Andrew ENG 29b= 39w- 24b- 55w+ 41b- 34w- bye
54 den Besten, Jan NED 28b- bye 32w- 50b= 30w= 47w= 31b-
55 Mosteller, Randy USA 32w- 22b- 62w= 53b- 63w+ 45b= 49w=
56 Morrison, Munroe ENG 13w- 35b- 41w- 44b- 62b= bye 60w+
57 Kermeen, Robert J ENG 36b- 17w- 60b- 48b- bye 52w= 62w+
58 Perišić, Radivoj YUG 45w= 10b- 37w= 35b- 44w= 38b= 42w- 2
59 Carreau, Pascal FRA 26w- 42b- 44w+ 23b- 52w+ 30b- 43b- 2
60   Cappon, Kaan BEL   32w- 23b- 57w+ 52b+ 28w- 23w- 43b- 2
61 Tarantino, Silvio ITA 33b= 29w- 34b- 62w+ 50w- 42b= 44w- 2
62 Stuhr, Finn DEN 25b- 43w- 55b= 61b- 56w= 63w+ 57b- 2
63 O’Neill, Steve ENG bye 4w- 25b- 17w- 55b- 62b- 45w- 1

The games are widely available – I took them from [1] – but the game Okay-Emmins is often given as won for black, which is unlikely in view of the position and the final standings, both for teams and individual, as given in [3]. I am very grateful to Mr. Jan Gooris ([4]) for sending me the schedule, including the exact dates. On Wednesday, he could not play for professional reasons. Consequently, he was not paired in the fourth round, but it seems he did not get a bye. Strangely, the Buchholz scores of his opponents as given in [3] seems to be too high. Maybe Gooris got a fictive half point?

[2] mentions that there was a ‘flash’ tournament – no doubt this means a blitz tournament – for which the final standings at the top were as follows:

1-2. Hammond & Wantiez 8½ 3. Renette 8 4-5. Corvi & Falbo 7½ …

I do not know how many round were played nor how many participants there were. Renette did not participate in the NATO championship proper, so maybe this tournament was open for everybody, I do not know.

Notice that Rudy Tia is given as a member of the chess federation of Papua New Guinea on the FIDÉ list of July 2000, but represented the USA team in this tournament. It seems like each team consisted of six players, with the players left over forming a NATO team. The scores of the four best players from each team were added, giving the following team classification:

1 Germany 21½ Döttling 6½ – Helbig 5½ – Dreesen 5 – Sirch 4½
2 France 18 Mensch 5½ – Toumaniantz 5 – Baudin 4 – Cadiou 3½
3 Italy 17½ Corvi 5 – Benedetti 5 – Tommasini 4 – Crapulli 3½
4 Turkey 17 Alaşlar 4½ – Nişli 4½ – Avan 4 – Zengin 4
5 Belgium 16 Deleyn 4½ – Wantiez 4 – Delforge 4 – Gooris 3½
6 Netherlands 15½ van Zandwijk 4½ – Cheung 4 – de Waard 3½ – Wagenaar 3½
7 Denmark 14½ Pedersen 5½ – J.M. Nielsen 3½ – H. Nielsen 3½ – Stuhr 2
8 USA 14½ Hortillosa 4½ – Hater 4 – Tia 3½ – Costales 2½
9 NATO 13½ Avan 4 – Steffers 3½ – Koopmeiners 3 – Kocur 3
10 UK 13 Hammond 4½ – McInnes 3 – Emmins 2½ – Foulds 2½


  • The crosstable for the blitz tournament.


  1. ChessBase
  2. NATO chess
  3. The Week In Chess No.314
  4. Personal correspondence with Mr. Jan Gooris
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