Eckbauer Berlin tour


1 De Wolf, Guy 0-1 Bialas, Wolfram
2 Mauquoy, Paul 1-0 Käuder, Hartmut
3 Verlinden, Richard ½-½ Löhse, Steffen
4 Van Loocke, Raoul 0-1 Silbermann
5 Thys, Hubert 0-1 Czach
6 Goethals, Fernand 0-1 Kinzel
7 De Jonghe, Julien 0-1 Vögt
8 Paepens, Jan 0-1 Springer
Tot K Ghent SK 1½-6½ Eckbauer Berlin

The German club Eckbauer Berlin made a tour through Germany and the Benelux in the spring of 1963. They won all their matches, usually with a very clear margin. In Belgium, they played two matches: they beat Ghent SK by 6½-1½ (as above) and Jean Jaurès by 5½-2½. My source, [1] gives the results for the match against Ghent SK, although it gives Thys’ game as drawn and De Jonghe’s game as won. However, it also claims 6½-1½ as the final score (twice) and claims that Mauquoy and Verlinden “saved the honours” for the hosts. Based on this, I presume that Thys and De Jonghe actually lost. I only have one game, which comes from the Jean Jaurès match.


  • All but one of the games.
  • The full results of the Jean Jaurès match.
  • Quite a few first names.


  1. De Volksgazet 04 & 18/06/1963
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