Antwerp SK vs. Latvia, Antwerp

27-07-1939 > 28-07-1939

1 Petrovs, Vladimirs ½-½ 1-0 Dunkelblum, Arthur
2 Apšenieks, Fricis 1-0 ½-½ Sapira, Emanuel
3 Feigins, Movša 1-0 ½-½ Perlmutter, Jacob Baruch
4 Endzelīns, Lūcijs 1-0 ½-½ Censor, S
5 Melngailis, Tenis 1-0 1-0 Borodin, Vladimir
T Latvia 4½-½ 3½-1½ Antwerp SK

The Latvian team, on its way to the olimpiad in Buenos Aires, took the boat for America in Antwerp. The local team, one of the strongest in Belgium, took the occasion to organise a small match against the very strong Latvians and led a resounding defeat.

Alongside the olimpiad, there was also the women’s world championship. The Belgian and Latvian representatives, Stoffels and Lauberte, also took the boat in Antwerp. But only after they had played a two-game match, which Lauberte won with 1½-½.

All my information comes from two contemporary newspaper articles: [1] & [2] except for two games, which were kindly sent to me from a Latvian source ([3]), and one that comes from a collection of Petrov’s games ([4]).


  • Most of the games.
  • Censor’s first name.


  1. L’Indépendence Belge 08-08-1939
  2. Le Soir 07-08-1939
  3. Atpūta 18-08-1939
  4. A. Fride, Vladimirs Petrovs – A chessplayer’s story from greatness to the gulags, Caissa Press, 2004 [As kindly sent to me by Mr. Chris Baker from New Zealand]
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