1st South African open, Wilderness

30-04-1962 > 14-05-1962

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Tot
1 GM O’Kelly de Galway, Albéric BEL 5B+ 22W+ 10B+ 32W+ 2B= 9W= 12B+ 8B+ 13W+ 11W+ 3B+ 10
2 IM Golombek, Harry ENG 23W+ 11B+ 8W+ 4B+ 1W= 6B+ 3W+ 13B= 5B+ 19W+ 7B+ 10
3 Leicher, Helmuth RSA 6B= 15W+ 19B= 12W+ 5B= 11W+ 2B- 4B+ 8W+ 13W+ 1W-
4 Wolpert, Jack RSA 13B+ 32W+ 31B+ 2W- 19B+ 12W- 5B= 3W- 9W+ 18B+ 8B+
5 Wilken, Leon RSA 1W- 21B= 7W+ 20B+ 3W= 29B+ 4W= 10B+ 2W- 9B= 18B+ 7
6 De Klerk RSA 3W= 14B- 21W+ 11B+ 28B+ 2W- 8W- 15B+ 7W- 23B+ 12W+
7 Mackie RSA 10B- 9W= 5B- 21W= 20B+ 26W+ 19B+ 11W= 6B+ 15W= 2W- 6
8 Dreyer, Kurt RSA 9B+ 17W+ 2B- 31W= 15B+ 13W= 6B+ 1W- 3B- 22W+ 4W- 6
9 Rodrigues RSA 8W- 7B= 23W+ 26B= 10W+ 1B= 15B= 12W+ 4B- 5W= 13B= 6
10 Du Preez, Gerhard RSA 7W+ 18B+ 1W- 19W- 9B- 23B+ 24W+ 5W- 12B= 21B+ 14B= 6
11 Salverda, Ton RSA 25B+ 2W- 22B+ 6W- 32W+ 3B- 16W+ 7B= 14W+ 1B- 15B= 6
12 Malherbe RSA 26W= 20B+ 14W= 3B- 18B+ 4B+ 1W- 9B- 10W= 27B+ 5B-
13 Friedgood, David RSA 4W- 23B= 26W+ 29B= 22W+ 8B= 14W+ 2W= 1B- 3B- 9W=
14 Dekenah RSA 19B= 6W+ 12B= 15W= 31B= 17W= 13B- 18W= 11B- 30W+ 10W=
15 Wallis RSA 29W+ 3B- 18W+ 14B= 8W- 22B+ 9W= 6W- 16B= 7B= 11W=
16 Petersen RSA 17B- 29B- 27W+ 28W= 24B= 19W+ 11B- 20W= 15W= 26B= 23B+
17 Smith RSA 16W+ 8B- 28W= 18B- 23W= 14B= 22B- 30W+ 17B- 25W+ 24W+
18 Low RSA 24B+ 10W- 15B- 17W+ 12W- 25W= 28B+ 14B= 21W+ 4W- 5W- 5
19 Churton RSA 14W= 26B+ 3W= 10B+ 4W- 16B- 7W- 24B+ 23W= 2B- 25B= 5
20 Van Immerzeel RSA 32B- 12W- 30B+ 5W- 7W- 21B= 27W- 16B= 20W+ 29B+ 26B+ 5
21 Bossert RHO 22B- 5W= 6B- 7B= 30W+ 20W= 25B= 28W+ 18B- 10W- 27B+ 5
22 Dean, George RSA 21W+ 1B- 11W- 24B+ 13B- 15W- 17W+ 23B- 27W+ 8B- 30B+ 5
23 Van Voorst RSA 2B- 13W= 9B- 25W+ 17B= 10W- 26B+ 22W+ 19B= 6W- 16W-
24 Friedmann RSA 18W- 27B+ 25B= 22W- 16W= 30B+ 10B- 19W- 29W= 28B+ 17B-
25 De Vos RSA 11W- 30B+ 24W= 23B- 29W= 18B= 21W= 27B- 28B+ 17B- 19W=
26 Palmer RHO 12B= 19W- 13B- 9W= 27W+ 7B- 23W- 29B= 30B= 16W= 20W-
27 Zietsman RSA 31B- 24W- 16B- 30W+ 26B- 28W= 20B+ 25W+ 22B- 12W- 21W-
28 Van Vuurde RSA 30W+ 31W- 17B= 16B= 6W- 27B= 18W- 21B- 25W- 24W- 29W+
29 Koen RSA 15B- 16W+ 32B- 13w= 25B= 5W- 30B= 26W= 24B= 20W- 28B-
30 Van der Merwe RSA 28B- 25W- 20W- 27B- 21B- 24W- 29W= 17B- 26W= 14B- 22W- 1
(31) Biro, George RSA 27W+ 28B+ 4W- 8B= 14W= ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS (3)
(32) Lewis, Simmy RSA 20W+ 4B- 29W+ 1B- 11B- ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS (2)

To give local players the chance to get some experience against strong players, two European masters were brought over. This tournament took place in the Wilderness Hotel. I suspect this is in what is now the town Wilderness, mainly based on the name of the hotel, the fact that said town is a popular touristic destination, and the fact that some of the tailenders were from the nearby city of George.

[1] gives complete results. The tournament director was E. D. Hill. Apparently, a dr. Krijnauw sponsored the tournament. [1] gives some strange colour distributions e.g. for Low-Malherbe in the fifth round, so take those with a grain of salt. [1] also gives some wrong results, like Bosset-Wilken which was given as a victory for black. Luckily, [1] also gives the scores after each round. Lewis had to withdraw after five rounds because his mother-in-law passed away. Biro decided to withdraw, too, presumably to make the number even again.


  • Most games.
  • Many first names.
  • I guess Bossert and Palmer were Rhodesian, since they are given as living in Gwelo and Bulawayo, respectively. Apart form that I have taken South African as the default nationality.


  1. The South African Chess Player, Vol.10 Nos.6 & 8
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