14th Sep 2021

CIPC #239: Ava Max, Kings & Queens

Perhaps I have been indoctrinated by Pepsi, but to me Ava Max sounds like some kind of soda. Or perhaps like some obscure British sports car from the seventies. But...

20th Jul 2021

CIPC #231: D, In the name of justice

Take a good look at the picture below. It comes from the music video for the song In the name of justice by the metal band D.1 What country do...

17th Mar 2021

CIPC #213: System of a Down, Lonely day

You know what’s been a long time? A music video blog post! So let’s have a look at today’s subject. System of a Down1 is a pretty big name, but...

29th Jul 2020

CIPC #181: Yoko Ono, Don’t count the waves

Over the last two blog posts about movies, there was a distinct rising theme in quality. Now, I will make it a crab canon by introducing the inverted theme in...

08th Jul 2020

CIPC #178: XTC, The mayor of Simpleton

It is remarkable how little commercial success correlates longevity. Nowadays, XTC is considered one of the quintessential British rock bands from the eighties, but back in the days their singles...

31st Mar 2020

CIPC #164: Ahzee, King

After one hundred sixty three blog post, I can apparently still stumble upon something which is novel: I have never written about a DJ before. Yes, an honest to god...

27th Aug 2019

CIPC #134: Mari Govori, Pososi ty

If you were alive in the spring and summer of 2017 – and I suspect this is not an uncommon occurrence in my readership – you almost certainly heard the...

23rd Jul 2019

CIPC #129: Roxette, It must have been love

I have always thought it rather strange that there is so much Swedish pop music. In classical music, the Swedish presence is basically nil, but half of all pop music...

09th Jul 2019

CIPC #127: Justin Timberlake feat. Jay Z, Suit & Tie

Justin Timberlake started his career all the way back in the early nineties as a member of the boy band NSYNC . In the two thousands, he went solo and...

29th Jan 2019

CIPC #104: The Strokes, You only live once

This is perhaps the hardest one I have ever talked about. But it’s not my fault! No, the culprit is Julian Casablancas,1 or whoever came up with the name of...


31st world junior championship, Buenos Aires


2nd NATO championship, Oslo


North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Breda


North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Antwerp


5th international open tournament, Leuven


Madrid vs. CRÉ Brussels, Madrid


North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Eindhoven


North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Eindhoven