World junior championship qualification tournament, Ghent/Brussels/Antwerp

07-01-1951 > 21-01-1951

1 2 3 Tot
1 Coosemans, Billy BEL 01 11 3
2 Mauquoy, Paul BEL 10 11 3
3 Somers, Gustaaf BEL 00 00 0

In order to pick a candidate for the first world junior championship, a small tournament was held between the junior champions of Antwerp (Coosemans), East Flanders (Mauquoy), and Brabant (Somers). The name Belgian junior championship does not seem to have been used officially, but it might as well have been. I collected the results and all but one of the games from [1] and [2]. These sources mention that the games between Somers and Mauquoy were played in Brussels and the games between Coosemans and Mauquoy were played in Antwerp. From this, I guess that every player played his games against one opponent in his home town. Similarly, The 3rd and 4th game were played on January 14 while the 5th and 6th were played on January 21. This suggests that the games between Mauquoy and Coosemans were played on January 7 in Ghent.


  • The game Somers-Coosemans.
  • I’m not completely sure about all the organisational details.


  1. De Volksgazet 16-01-1951 – 30-01-1951
  2. De Standaard 13-01-1951 – 27-01-1951
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