VSF cup

25-11-1984 > 05-05-1985

K Antwerp SK 44 K Ghent SRL + Centrum Pion 13 K Antwerp SK 45
Paroza Berchem 10
SK Oude God I 40 SK Oude God
Rossignol Wilrijk 20
SK Oude God II 4 SK Anderlecht 35 K Antwerp SK 41 K Ghent SRL 15
Borgerhout SK 44
Centrum Pion 40 MSV Eeklo 25
Wit-Zwart Bornem 20
SK Dworp 17 Wetteren Vrijpion 25 K Ghent SRL 31 SK Anderlecht 34
SK Anderlecht 35
MSV Eeklo 44 Centrum Pion 35
K Ostend SK 10
Wetteren Vrijpion 35 Borgerhout SK 30 SK Anderlecht 25 Centrum Pion 0
Jean Jaurès 25
VPTD Geraardsbergen 11 K Antwerp SK 30
K Ghent SRL 49

Borgerhout had the right to a blitz play-off after their 2nd round draw against Antwerp, but for some reason they declined.

In order to make the competition tenser, the results were weighted in favour of lower rated players. If the difference in (national) Élő between the two players was less than 150, a draw would be recorded as 5-5 and a win as 10-0. If the difference was between 150 and 299, a victory by the higher rated player would be 6-0, by the lower rated player 0-14, and a draw would be 4-6 in favour of the lower rated player. When the difference was more than 300, these numbers would be 4-0, 0-16, and 2-8.

The dates and individual result – as far as I know them – come from [1] and can be found here. I have been able to find one game in [2] while two others were sent to me in personal correspondence. The final saw two formidable line-ups with the Antwerp team (Rooze, Boey, Meulders, Dutreeuw, Penson, and Van Herck) soundly beating the Ghent one (Weemaes, Goormachtigh, Vanheirzeele, De Bruycker, Mauquoy, and De Jonghe).


  • Almost all the games.
  • Detailed results from the first round and the semi-final.
  • Many first names.


  1. Schaakinfo 1984/11 – 1985/5
  2. Oude God Schakel 1985/5
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