Southern Limburg vs. Liège, Maastricht


1 Malpas, Louis ½-½ Weisz, H
2 Fischer, E 1-0 Gestel, P
3 Baijot, Léon ½-½ Courtens, Frans
4 Chandler, J ½-½ Bakker, A
5 Buchet, A 0-1 Rosmuller, A
6 Moureau, C ½-½ de la Bye, J
7 Bastien, L 0-1 Vlekke, B
Tot Liège 3-4 Southern Limburg

I suspect that this small match was in many ways the foundation of the later yearly matches between Liège and Limburg. All I know comes from [1], which was kindly sent to me by Mr. Olthof.


  • All the games.
  • Many first names.


  1. Tijdschrift van de KNSB Vol.35 No.5