Qualification match for the European club cup, Antwerp


1 GM Timman, Jan Hendrik NED 2590 0-1 FM de Wit, Johannes NED 2405
2 GM van der Wiel, John NED 2590 ½-½ IM Cuijpers, Frans André NED 2410
3 IM Ligterink, Gert NED 2470 1-0 FM Weemaes, Ronald BEL 2340
4 IM Winants, Luc BEL 2415 1-0 Deleyn, Gunter BEL 2320
5 IM Jadoul, Michel BEL 2340 0-1 FM Cardon, Helmut NED 2380
6 FM Meulders, Richard BEL 2360 ½-½ FM Goormachtigh, Johan BEL 2340
7 Roofthoofd, Marcel BEL 0-1 De Jonghe, Bruno BEL
8 Tonoli, Walter BEL 2365 ½-½ De Bruycker, Bernard BEL
Tot SK Anderlecht 3½-4½ K Ghent S Ruy Lopez

The Ghent team had won the 1985-86 national interclub championship and they were chosen to represent Belgium in the Europe cup since the Belgian delegate had to be appointed before the end of the 1986-87 competition. The Anderlecht team protested and, as a strange sort of compromise, the Belgian chess federation decided a play-off match was to be held. Somewhat surprisingly, the Ghent team bested their opponents. This information and the above results come from [1]. [2], which was pointed out to me by Mr. Ron de Haas, gives two games and mentions that this match was played ‘in the woods by Antwerp’. I am not sure what this means precisely. For the moment I have assumed that it was in Antwerp itself, but this is not certain.


  • Six of the games.
  • The exact date.
  • Where exactly was this match played.


  1. Gazet van Antwerpen 18-05-1987
  2. De Volkskrant 11-04-1987
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