North Brabant vs. South Brabant, Eindhoven


1 Stumpers, Louis 1-0 Gerits, Valère
2 Meyering, Jan Laurens 1-0 Perquin, Walter
3 Spijksma, Frits 1-0 Delafontaine
4 van Kol, Jacques 1-0 Tensen
5 Kallenbach, John 1-0 Van Parijs
6 de Lange, P 0-1 Ilegems, Arthur Paul
7 Bronkhorst, P ½-½ Raemdonck
8 Spijksma, W 1-0 Van Dael
9 Garenstroom, Frits 1-0 Vervaeke
10 Soeterboek, H ½-½ Clercx
Tot Noord Brabant 8-2 Antwerp

This year, the traditional match between Noord Brabant and Antwerp was held in Ons Thuis in Eindhoven on the Monday after Pentecost. The Antwerp team was quite weak this edition and they got trounced. Only Gerits could be considered a player of national stature. [1] gives the results on the top ten boards. The only games I have comes from some of the lower boards. They were kindly keyed in from the original score and sent to me by Mr. Olthof.


  • All but one of the games.
  • Many first names.
  • The results on the lower boards.


  1. Tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Schaakbond, Vol.55 No.7, 1947/07
  2. Original game scores [as kindly scanned and sent to me by Mr. Olthof]
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