INR match, Brussels

02-11-1935 > 03-11-1935

Dunkelblum, Arthur POL 1 ½
Van Seters, Frits NED 0 ½ ½

After the match between Soultanbeieff and Dyner, the INR, Belgium’s National Institute for Radio Broadcasting, organised a second match between two of the country’s leading players. The games were played on November 2nd and 3rd. They were broadcasted on November 13th and 20th, respectively, each time at ten past ten in the evening. The games were commented by Mr. Demey, who had prepared notes in collaboration with the two players.

I found the games in [2]. The results come from [1].


  • The second game.


  1. La Nation Belge 08/11/1935
  2. Le Vingtième Siècle 18 & 25/11/1935
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