KNSB cup


1 De Bruycker, Bernard BEL 2350 ½-½ Lindner, Jan-Joost NED
2 Meulders, Richard BEL 2230 0-1 Schendstok, Bernard NED
3 Weemaes, Ronald BEL 1-0 Kort, Jacob NED
4 Goormachtigh, Johan BEL 1-0 van Egmond, Rogier NED
Tot K Gentse SRL BEL 2½-1½ DD Den Haag NED

The KNSB, the royal Dutch chess federation, organised a knock-out tournament for club teams on four boards. Foreign teams were allowed, and as far as I know, three Belgian teams competed: SK Anderlecht (with Tonoli, Pergericht and Winants) K Brugse SK (with Van de Bourry) and K Gentse SRL (with the players mentioned above and Deleyn). SK Anderlecht and KGSRL were put in the same preliminary group (due to geographical reasons?) and, in fact, played the final of that group. KGSRL qualified for the final group, defeated HWP Zaanstad in the semi-finals and won the final with results as above. Here are some results from the previous rounds.


  • The full results from the preliminaries.
  • Many of the games.
  • Where were the games played?


  1. Doorbraak No. 4 & 6
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