International junior tournament, Hallsberg

28-12-1993 > 05-01-1994

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tot
1 Hellsten, Johan 2320 SWE 15w+ 6b+ 19w+ 8b= 2b= 13w+ 4b= 3b= 7w+ 7
2 IM Antonsen, Mikkel 2385 DEN 20b+ 10w= 11b+ 13b= 1w= 22w+ 7b= 4w+ 3w=
3 Bērziņš, Rolands 2370 LAT 21w= 5b+ 6w- 23b+ 26w+ 19b+ 13b+ 1w= 2b=
4 Malmstig, Erik SWE 26b- 18w+ 17w+ 26b+ 6b+ 8w+ 1w= 2b- 5w= 6
5 Jonsson, Mikael 2295 SWE 23b= 3w- 12b+ 10w+ 16b+ 7b- 22w+ 13w+ 4b= 6
6 Engedal, Kim Nikolai 2240 NOR 24b+ 1w- 3b+ 7w= 4w- 14b+ 9w= 11b+ 8w=
7 Eriksson, Johan 2305 SWE 10b- 20w+ 15w+ 6b= 11b+ 5w+ 2w= 8b= 1b-
8 Poulton, James 2300 ENG 12w+ 14b+ 22w+ 1w= 13b- 4b- 19w+ 7w= 6b=
9 Leito, Priit 2205 EST 14b- 12w= 28b+ 11w- 15b+ 16w+ 6b= 20w+ 10b=
10 FM Muşat, Adrian 2345 ROM 7w+ 2b= 13w- 5b- 23w+ 11w= 12b= 19b+ 9w= 5
11 Protaziuk, Grzegorz 2215 POL 17w+ 13b= 2w- 9b+ 7w- 10b= 14w+ 6w- 20b+ 5
12 Silseth, Simon 2285 SWE 8b- 9b= 5w- 27b= 21w+ 25b+ 10w= 22b+ 13w= 5
13 Wikner, Arvid 2215 SWE 27b+ 11w= 10b+ 2w= 8w+ 1b- 3w- 5b- 12b=
14 Hedman, Erik 2255 SWE 9w+ 8w- 16b- 21b+ 26w+ 6w- 11b- 18b= 22w+
15 Van Beers, Eddy 2175 BEL 1b- 24w+ 7b- 17b= 9w- 27w+ 23b= 21b+ 16w=
16 Kühn, Peter GER 26w+ 19b- 14w+ 22b- 5w- 9b- 25w+ 23w+ 15b=
17 Bäcklund, Anders 2140 SWE 11b- 27w+ 4b- 15w= 24b= 18b- 26w+ 25b+ 19w=
18 Evertsson, Kristian SWE 22w- 4b- 27w= 24b= 28b+ 17w+ 20b- 14w= 23w+
19 Schneider, Stefan 2095 SWE 28b+ 16w+ 1b- 25w+ 22b= 3w- 8b- 10w- 17b= 4
20 Carlsson, Daniel 2120 SWE 2w- 7b- 24w- 28w+ 27b+ 26b+ 18w+ 9b- 11w- 4
21 Ronneland, Daniel 2220 SWE 3b= 23w= 25b- 14w- 12b- 28w+ 24b+ 15w- 27b+ 4
22 Wikstrom, Per SWE 18b+ 25w+ 8b- 16w+ 19w= 2b- 5b- 12w- 14b-
23 Niemelä, Antti FIN 5w= 21b= 26w= 3w- 10b- 24w+ 15w= 16b- 18b- 3
24 Eriksson, Ingela S 2075 SWE 6w- 15b- 20b+ 18w= 17w= 23b- 21w- 28b= 26w= 3
25 Andersson, Christin SWE 4w+ 22b- 21w+ 19b- 14b- 12w- 16b- 17w- 28w=
26 Ohlzon, Nils Johan SWE 16b- 28w+ 23b= 4w- 3b- 20w- 17b- 27b= 24w=
27 Šarakauskas, Gediminas 2030 LTU 13w- 17b- 18b= 12w= 20w- 15b- 28b+ 26w= 21w-
28 Barát, János HUN 19w- 26b- 9w- 20b- 18w- 21b- 27w- 24w= 25b= 1

All the games come from [1], [2] has the dates, [3] has the final standings. The standings in [3] and the games from [1] are compatible with some small exceptions: according to the game file, Ingela Eriksson scored only 2½ points, while Johan Eriksson scored 6. However, this file pairs Hellstein and J. Eriksson, who were on 6 and 5½ points respectively, against I. Eriksson and Ohlzon, who were on 2½ and 2 respectively. Much more likely is that something went wrong while keying in the games and that Hellstein’s last round opponent was really Johan Eriksson, while Ingela Eriksson played against Ohlzon.

As there were nine rounds and the tournament lasted nine days, I have assumed one game was played per day. Note that [3] mentions the name Kühn, while [1] mentions Köhn. As, according to my theory, [1] was wrong on another count, I followed [3].


  • Confirmation for my theories.


  2. Tidskrift för Schack 1993/9
  3. Tidskrift för Schack 1994/2
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