Hogeschool Zeeland open, Vlissingen

11-07-1998 > 17-07-1998

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tot
1 GM Gurevich, Mikhail Naumovich BEL 2610 66B+ 29W+ 23B+ 4W= 7B+ 2W+ 5B= 6
2 GM Mikhalevski, Viktor ISR 2540 28B+ 34W+ 21B+ 11W+ 6W+ 1B- 14W+ 6
3 IM Safin, Shukhrat UZB 2500 92B+ 22W= 26B= 55W+ 29B+ 36W+ 20B+ 6
4 IM Bosboom, Manuel NED 2490 70W+ 17B+ 24W+ 1B= 8W= 6B= 35W+
5 GM Rausis, Igors LAT 2535 74W+ 27B+ 33W= 13B= 16W+ 12B+ 1W=
6 IM Ikonnikov, Vyacheslav RUS 2555 56B+ 30W+ 36B+ 19W+ 2B- 4W= 18B+
7 GM Chuchelov, Vladimir BEL 2540 59W+ 39B+ 25W+ 18B= 1W- 24B+ 19W+
8 GM van Wely, Loek NED 2635 bye= 89W+ 44B+ 38W+ 4B= 20W+ 10B=
9 GM Golod, Vitali ISR 2555 99W+ 37B+ 13W= 15B+ 12W= 19B= 21W+
10 GM van der Wiel, John NED 2520 43W+ 60B+ 12W= 33B= 37W+ 35B+ 8W=
11 Ernst, Sipke NED 2420 45W+ 57B+ 31W+ 2B- 27W+ 14B- 37W+ 5
12 van Delft, Merijn NED 2245 83B+ 52W+ 10B= 23W+ 9B= 5W- 41B+ 5
13 Willemze, Jeroen NED 2275 78B+ 69W+ 9B= 5W= 34B= 22W= 44B+ 5
14 GM Davies, Nigel Rodney ENG 2530 62B+ 51W- 56B+ 41W+ 33B+ 11W+ 2B- 5
15 FM Peek, Marcel NED 2335 105W+ bye= 22B+ 9W- 40B+ 31B= 39W+ 5
16 van den Berg, Ad NED 2230 50B+ 42W- 28B+ 54W+ 5B- 79W+ 47B+ 5
17 Rosmuller, Anton NED 65B+ 4W- 78B+ 21W= 38B+ 33W= 36B+ 5
18 Janssen, Ruud NED 2345 47B+ 46W+ 51B+ 7W= 20B- 25B+ 6W-
19 IM Delemarre, Jop NED 2435 104B+ 41W+ 32B+ 6B- 39W+ 9W= 7B-
20 GM Glek, Igor RUS 2580 bye= 112B+ 48W+ 35B+ 18W+ 8B- 3W-
21 Maes, Wim BEL 2250 91W+ 53B+ 2W- 17B= 58B+ 34W+ 9B-
22 Strothotte, Sjonnie NED 90W+ 3B= 15W- 76B+ 61W+ 13B= 25W=
23 de Heer, Machiel NED 2300 97W+ 58B+ 1W- 12B- 49W+ 46B+ 31W=
24 Middelburg, Tom NED 2230 85W+ 49B+ 4B- 40W= 63B+ 7W- 51B+
25 Roobol, Martin NED 2260 73B+ 40W+ 7B- 79W+ 51B+ 18W- 22B=
26 Welten, Hans NED 95B+ 38W= 3W= 39B- 75W+ 27B= 58W+
27 Jansen, Cor NED 96B+ 5W- 104B+ 42W+ 11B- 26W= 63B+
28 Friesen, Kim NED 2W- 80B+ 16W- 108B+ 60W+ 64B+ 33W=
29 Keessen, Aldert-Jan NED 117W+ 1B- 59W+ 53B+ 3W- 52B= 54W+°
30 Haak, Eelco NED 2145 100W+ 6B- 74W+ 49B+ 35W- 53B= 52W+
31 de Wolf, Johan NED 2190 84B+ 107W+ 11B- 52W= 73B+ 15W= 23B=
32 Tiggelman, René NED 87W+ 116B+ 19W- 57B- 56W+ 54B= 53W+
33 Strijbos, Maarten NED 2250 71B+ 79W+ 5B= 10W= 14W- 17B= 28B= 4
34 van der Lijn, Dick NED 80W+ 2B- 43W+ 45B+ 13W= 21B- 38B= 4
35 FM Jonkman, Harmen NED 2310 98B+ 55W+ 42B+ 20W- 30B+ 10W- 4B- 4
36 Kuipers, Eelco NED 2260 76W+ 63B+ 6W- 60B+* 57W+ 3B- 17W- 4
37 Weiler, Wolfgang GER 2150 102B+ 9W- 62B+ 47W+ 10B- 50W+ 11B- 4
38 Söderberg, Per SWE 2245 101W+ 26B= 61W+ 8B- 17W- 71B+ 34W= 4
39 Donovan, Linton BEL 88B+ 7W- 92B+ 26W+ 19B- 42W+ 15B- 4
40 Baete, Guy BEL 67W+ 25B- 83W+ 24B= 15W- 101B+ 43W= 4
41 de Weerd, Warner NED 2070 111W+ 19B- 70W+ 14B- 59W+ 45B+ 12W- 4
42 Leenhouts, Koen NED 75W+ 16B+ 35W- 27B- 77W+ 39B- 82W+ 4
43 Visschedijk, Marijn NED 10B- 65W+ 34B- 93W+ 55B+ 51W= 40B= 4
44 Groffen, Hans NED 2210 106W+ 61B= 8W- 64B= 66W+ 57B+ 13W- 4
45 Bakels, Anton NED 11B- 110W+ 46B+ 34W- 69B+ 41W- 79B+ 4
46 Stange, Wim NED 81W+ 18B- 45W- 106B+ 74W+ 23W- 73B+ 4
47 Clarisse, Eric NED 18W- 106B+ 94W+ 37B- 90W+ 48B+ 16W- 4
48 Nicolai, Erik NED 89B= 72W+ 20B- 97W+ 52B= 47W- 67W+ 4
49 Stange, Sven NED 119B+ 24W- 77B+ 30W- 23B- 103W+ 81B+ 4
50 van der Grinten, Bas NED 16W- 87B- 111W+ 89B+ 82W+ 37B- 77W+ 4
51 Erwich, Frank NED 2105 108W+ 14B+ 18W- 91B+ 25W- 43B= 24W-
52 Kalisvaart, Peter NED 113W+ 12B- 116W+ 31B= 48W= 29W= 30B-
53 Bliek, Wouter NED 77W+ 21W- 107B+ 29W- 78B+ 30W= 32B-
54 van Driel, Eric NED 116W- 85B+ 82W+ 16B- 91W+ 32W= 29B-°
55 van der Borgt, Peter NED 68W+ 35B- 105W+ 3B- 43W- 87B+ 56W=
56 van Kooten, Hubert NED 6W- 100B+ 14W- 88B+ 32B- 102W+ 55B=
57 Stegeman, Fritz NED 118B+ 11W- 71B+ 32W+ 36B- 44W- 65B=
58 Westerweele, Maarten NED 110B+ 23W- 84B+ bye= 21W- 62W+ 26B-
59 Burgerhoff, Rinus NED 7B- 96W+ 29B- 84W+ 41B- 90W= 100B+
60 de Wolf, Cees NED 93B+ 10W- 98B+ 36W-* 28B- 106W+ 66B=
61 Grooten, P NED 94B+ 44W= 38B- 72W+ 22B- 73W= 68B=
62 Koster, P NED 14W- 90B+ 37W- 81B+ 64W= 58B- 88W+
63 Boogaard, Corne NED 115B+ 36W- 103B+ bye= 24W- 80B+ 27W-
64 Kovalevskaya, S NED 72B= 103W= 73B= 44W= 62B= 28W- 101B+
65 Ibrahim, Anthony NED 17W- 43B- bye- 112B+ 85W+ 74B+ 57W=
66 Friesen, Boris NED 1W- 102B= 88W= 103B+ 44B- 93W+ 60W=
67 Van Theemsche, Etienne BEL 40B- bye= 102W= 80B= 96W+ 72W+ 48B-
68 Porte, Henrik NED 55B- 104W- 85W+ 70B= 76W= 91B+ 61W=
69 van Haaften, Adriaan NED 109W+ 13B- 91W- 87B+ 45W- 88B= 89W+
70 Sinke, Wim NED 4B- 118W+ 41B- 68W= 72B- 110W+ 90B+
71 Toetenel, Max NED 33W- 113B+ 57W- bye= 110B+ 38W- 94B+
72 Freeke, Matthieu NED 64W= 48B- 86W+ 61B- 70W+ 67B- 78W= 3
73 Montenegro, M NED 25W- 114B+ 64W= 99B+ 31W- 61B= 46W- 3
74 Hamers, Peter NED 5B- 93W+ 30B- 102W+ 46B- 65W- 106B+ 3
75 Korving, F NED 42B- 83W- bye+ 98W+ 26B- 76W= bye= 3
76 Dieperink, Frank NED 36B- 95W+ bye= 22W- 68B= 75B= 80W= 3
77 Mirani, Robert NED 53B- 101B+ 49W- 83B+ 42B- 92W+ 50B- 3
78 van Halteren, Maarten NED 13W- 109B+ 17W- 94B+ 53W- bye= 72B= 3
79 Holwijn, Melvin NED 114W+ 33B- 87W+ 25B- 105W+ 16B- 45W- 3
80 de Nooijer, S NED 34B- 28W- 115B+ 67W= 97B+ 63W- 76B= 3
81 Geertse, Henrik NED 46B- bye= 89W= 62W- 84B+ 105B+ 49W- 3
82 Rijkers, G NED bye= bye= 54B- 104W+ 50B- 98W+ 42B- 3
83 Steijn, Sjaak NED 12W- 75B+ 40B- 77W- 93B- 107W+ 102B+ 3
84 Kuijs, M NED 31W- 86B+ 58W- 59B- 81W- 115B+ 105W+ 3
85 Alders, R NED 24B- 54W- 68B- 117W+ 65B- 109W+ 104B+ 3
86 Van Hecke, Ewoud NED 107B- 84W- 72B- 118W+ 103W- 108B+ 95W+ 3
87 Leenhouts, Veerle NED 32B- 50W+ 79B- 69W- 107B+ 55W- 98B=
88 Schroevers, Roel NED 39W- 99B= 66B= 56W- 104B+ 69W= 62B-
89 van Eekhout, M NED 48W= 8B- 81B= 50W- 113B= 114W+ 69B-
90 Pannekoek, Willem-Jan NED 22B- 62W- 119B+ 92W+ 47B- 59B= 70W-
91 Wolters, Dick NED 21B- 119W+ 69B+ 51W- 54B- 68W- 93B=
92 Pancras, P NED 3W- 111B+ 39W- 90B- 100W= 77B- 112W+
93 Bruys, Piet NED 60W- 74B- 113W+ 43B- 83W+ 66B- 91W=
94 Visschedijk, Amelia NED 61W- bye+ 47B- 78W- 109B= 96B+ 71W-
95 Klootwijk, P NED 26W- 76B- bye= 96W- 112B+ 97W+ 86B-
96 van Gemert, Tom NED 27W- 59B- 109W= 95B+ 67B- 94W- 114B+
97 de Jager, J NED 23B- bye= 112W+ 48B- 80W- 95B- 111W+
98 Sanders, S NED 35W- 117B+ 60W- 75B- 108W+ 82B- 87W=
99 Freeke, C NED 9B- 88W= 108B= 73W- 102B- 111W= 110B+
100 Saalheim, P NED 30B- 56W- 110B- 115W+ 92B= 113W+ 59W-
101 Jonkheer, Alex NED 38B- 77W- 118B+ 110W= 114B+ 40W- 64W-
102 Kabboord, J NED 37W- 66W= 67B= 74B- 99W+ 56B- 83W- 2
103 Kunst, Robert NED bye= 64B= 63W- 66W- 86B+ 49B- ABS 2
104 Hekhuis, Jeroen NED 19W- 68B+ 27W- 82B- 88W- 117B+ 85W- 2
105 Meijer, Hendrik Jan NED 15B- 115W+ 55B- 107W+ 79B- 81W- 84B- 2
106 Quakkelaar, Anton NED 44B- 47W- 117B+ 46W- 111B+ 60B- 74W- 2
107 Jekel, Pim NED 86W+ 31B- 53W- 105B- 87W- 83B- 118W+ 2
108 Rikumahu, F NED 51B- bye= 99W= 28W- 98B- 86W- 113B+ 2
109 Janse, P NED 69B- 78W- 96B= 114W- 94W= 85B- 117W+ 2
110 Hekhuis, R NED 58W- 45B- 100W+ 101B= 71W- 70B- 99W-
111 Westerweele, Henrik NED 41B- 92W- 50B- 119W+ 106W- 99B= 97B-
112 Nuijts, P NED bye= 20W- 97B- 65W- 95W- 119W+ 92B-
113 Erwich, Ankie NED 52B- 71W- 93B- bye+ 89W= 100B- 108W-
114 Schunselaar, P NED 79B- 73W- bye= 109B+ 101W- 89B- 96W-
115 de Jonge, A NED 63W- 105B- 80W- 100B- 118B+ 84W- bye=
116 de Moor, Peter NED 54B+ 32W- 52B- ABS ABS ABS ABS 1
117 Zweedijk, Leon NED 29B- 98W- 106W- 85B- bye+ 104W- 109B- 1
118 Colsen, Manuel NED 57W- 70B- 101W- 86B- 115W- bye+ 107B- 1
119 Lin, K NED 49W- 91B- 90W- 111B- ABS 112B- bye+ 1

°: [2] gives this game as Van Driel-Keessen instead of Keessen-Van Driel. This is almost certainly wrong; it contradicts the final standings and results from [1] and the colours would be wrong.

*: [2] gives this game as won for white. This contradicts both the final standings from [1] and the position on the board.

The crosstable above is pieced together from the final standings published on the official site ([1]) and the probably complete game file as given in [2]. For some players, there are no games in certain rounds. This probably means that they got a bye that round or lost by default. From the final standings, I could determine which.

Note that Gurevich and Chuchelov were both already playing for the Belgian chess federation. I don’t know whether they also had the nationality. I have included their games, just likes those by Maes, Donovan, Baete, and Van Theemsche.


  • Some first names.


  1. The official site [as cached by the wayback machine]
  2. DutchBase
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