Flemish championship, Antwerp


1st class

Pepers, Gustave 1 Pepers, Gustave 0 Koltanowski, George ½ 1
Taeymans 0
De Mey, Emile 1 De Mey, Emile 1 De Mey, Emile ½ 0
Shernetsky, Issy 0

2nd class

Peeters, Francis 1 Peeters, Francis 0
Dhont, K 0 Skatchkoff 1

3rd class

Anthonis 1 Anthonis 1
Peeters, G 0 Vermeulen 0

The Flemish championship was organised in a knock-out format, with the winner of the preliminary playing for the championship against the previous year’s champion. The reigning champions were Koltanowski, Skatchkoff, and Vermeulen, respectively.

The games were all played on one day: September 30th. The sole exception was the second game between De Mey and Koltanowski. Rather surprisingly, their first game had ended in a draw and a second game had become necessary. I do not know when this second game was played, but it was likely somewhere in October. The above information comes from [1] while the one game I have, the decisive one from the first class final, comes from [2].


  • All but one of the games.
  • First names for Taeymans, Dhont, Skatchkoff, Anthonis, G. Peeters, and Vermeulen.


  1. Het Handelsblad van Antwerpen 07/10 & 04/11/1934
  2. De Schelde 18/11/1934
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