European youth championship, Żagań

25-06-1995 > 05-07-1995

Boys under 18 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Tot
1 IM Kempiński, Robert POL 2455 24W= 34B+ 29W+ 33B+ 2W+ 8B+ 19W+ 4W= 7B+ 3W= 5B= 9
2 Rowson, Jonathan SCO 2400 32W+ 15B+ 20W+ 7W+ 1B- 10W+ 8B+ 27B+ 5W= 4W= 3B- 8
3 Belozerov, Andrei RUS 2325 36W+ 16B= 11W= 20B= 9W= 4B- 18W+ 33B+ 19W+ 1B= 2W+
4 Baklan, Vladimir UKR 2490 21B- 42W+ 12B= 29W+ 17B= 3W+ 15W= 1B= 9W+ 2B= 16W+
5 IM Avrukh, Boris ISR 2430 28W- 32B+ 35W+ 6B- 24W+ 27B- 36W+ 30B+ 2B= 17W+ 1W= 7
6 Gelashvili, Tamaz GEO 2325 42B+ 10W+ 7B- 5W+ 22B= 19W- 13B- 14W= 27W+ 21B+ 15W+ 7
7 FM Stojanović, Mihajlo YUG 2390 38W+ 9B+ 6W+ 2B- 11W= 15B= 27W= 19B+ 1W- 12B= 18W=
8 IM Soćko, Bartosz POL 2485 29B= 24W+ 21B+ 17W+ 19B+ 1W- 2W- 9B= 15W= 13B= 12W=
9 FM Mirumian, Vigen CZE 2415 31B+ 7W- 18B+ 10W= 3B= 22W+ 17B= 8W= 4B- 11W= 28B+
10 IM Krakops, Māris LAT 2525 25W+ 6B- 30W+ 9B= 33W+ 2B- 11W= 16B= 20W+ 15B= 13W=
11 IM Ruck, Róbert HUN 2480 40B+ 17W= 3B= 22W= 7B= 23W= 10B= 12W= 16W= 9B= 19W+
12 FM Bobras, Piotr POL 2300 16W- 41B+ 4W= 27B- 35W+ 34B+ 33W= 11B= 22W+ 7W= 8B=
13 FM Dumitrescu, Dragoș ROM 2375 41B+ 33W= 23B- 21W= 28W= 38B+ 6W+ 15B= 17B= 8W= 10B=
14 FM Banikas, Hristos GRE 2375 34W= 23B- 39W+ 28B= 38W= 33B- 35W= 6B= 29W+ 20B+ 22W+
15 Balogh, Tomáš SVK 2285 18B+ 2W- 31B+ 16B= 20W+ 7W= 4B= 13W= 8B= 10W= 6B- 6
16 IM Štoček, Jiří CZE 2475 12B+ 3W= 17B- 15W= 25B= 21W+ 23B= 10W= 11B= 26W+ 4B- 6
17 FM van den Doel, Erik NED 2305 44W+ 11B= 16W+ 8B- 4W= 20B+ 9W= 22B= 13W= 5B- 21W= 6
18 Shaplyko, Andrej BLR 2385 15W- 38B+ 9W- 35B= 29B+ 25W= 3B- 28W= 37B+ 27W+ 7B= 6
19 Grund, Holger GER 2335 35B+ 21W= 28B+ 23W+ 8W- 6B+ 1B- 7W- 3B- 25W+ 11B-
20 Ferguson, Mark ENG 2360 39B+ 30W+ 2B- 3W= 15B- 17W- 31B+ 23W+ 10B- 14W- 34B+
21 Protaziuk, Grzegorz POL 2285 4W+ 19B= 8W- 13B= 30W= 16B- 32W= 36B+ 33W+ 6W- 17B=
22 FM Charnushevich, Aliaksei BLR 2325 33W- 26B+ 36W+ 11B= 6W= 9B- 28B+ 17W= 12B- 23W+ 14B-
23 Mchedlishvili, Mikheil GEO 37B= 14W+ 13W+ 19B- 27W= 11B= 16W= 20B- 24W+ 22B- 26B=
24 Swoł, Michał POL 2325 1B= 8B- 44W= 31W+ 5B- 37W= 26B= 34W+ 23B- 28W= 36B+
25 Kraschl, Jörg AUT 2320 10B- 31W- 26W+ 36B+ 16W= 18B= 30W- 32B= 35W+ 19B- 33W+
26 Neumann, Peter GER 2155 27W- 22W- 25B- 42W= 41B+ 43B+ 24W= 38B+ 30W+ 16B- 23W=
27 FM Szűk, Balázs HUN 2360 26B+ 28W= 33B- 12W+ 23B= 5W+ 7B= 2W- 6B- 18B- 32W= 5
28 Boudenne, Jean-Baptiste FRA 2270 5B+ 27B= 19W- 14W= 13B= 30B= 22W- 18B= 32W+ 24B= 9W- 5
29 Tonning, Erik NOR 2200 8W= 37W+ 1B- 4B- 18W- 36B- 43W+ 31W+ 14B- 35B= 44W+ 5
30 Pedersen, Nicolai Vesterbæk DEN 2300 43W+ 20B- 10B- 34W+ 21B= 28W= 25B+ 5W- 26B- 36W= 31B= 5
31 Musaev, Samir AZE 9W- 25B+ 15W- 24B- 32W= 39B+ 20W- 29B- 41B+ 40W+ 30W= 5
32 Martin, David WLS 2180 2B- 5W- 43B= 37W= 31B= 44W+ 21B= 25W= 28B- 42W+ 27B= 5
33 Gillen, Adrian IRL 2225 22B+ 13B= 27W+ 1W- 10B- 14W+ 12B= 3W- 21B- 34W= 25B-
34 Muningis, Paulius LTU 2095 14B= 1W- 37B+ 30B- 39W+ 12W- 40B= 24B- 38W+ 33B= 20W-
35 Backlund, Anders SWE 2185 19W- 43B+ 5B- 18W= 12B- 40W+ 14B= 37W= 25B- 29W= 41B=
36   Gülbaş, Cemil TUR 3B- 40W+ 22B- 25W- 44B+ 29W+ 5B- 21W- 42B+ 30B= 24W-
37 FM Zitin, Juri EST 2315 23W= 29B- 34W- 32B= 43W+ 24B= 38W= 35B= 18W- 39B= 40B=
38 Dantas, Carlos POR 2170 7B- 18W- 42B+ 44W+ 14B= 13W- 37B= 26W- 34B- 41W- 39B+ 4
39 Guerrieri, Lorenzo ITA 2210 20W- 44B= 14B- 41W+ 34B- 31W- 42B= 40W= 43B+ 37W= 38W- 4
40 Basrak, Srđan CRO 2260 11W- 36B- 41W= 43W- 42B+ 35B- 34W= 39B= 44W+ 31B- 37W= 4
41 Bircher, Roland SUI 13W- 12W- 40B= 39B- 26W- 42W- 44B+ 43B= 31W- 38B+ 35W=
42 Marchev, Nikolaj BUL 6W- 4B- 38W- 26B= 40W- 41B+ 39W= 44B= 36W- 32B- 43W= 3
43 Volčanšek, Robert SVK 30B- 35W- 32W= 40B+ 37B- 26W- 29B- 41W= 39W- 44B= 42B= 3
44 Petersen, Terji FAI 17B- 39W= 24B= 38B- 36W- 32B- 41W- 42W= 40B- 43W= 29B- 2


Boys under 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Tot
1 FM Šimáček , Pavel CZE 2210 33W+ 3W+ 2B+ 5W- 18B+ 7B+ 20W+ 9B= 8W+ 4W+ 14B= 9
2 Piński, Jan POL 2270 41W+ 23B+ 1W- 21B+ 9W= 33B+ 7W+ 3W+ 4B- 15W+ 8B+
3 Matikozian, Andranik ARM 2300 24W+ 1B- 23W+ 19B= 34W+ 17B+ 5W+ 2B- 18W+ 9B+ 4W+
4 Virovlansky, Semen RUS 11W= 7B- 38B+ 25W+ 29B= 12W+ 10W+ 5B+ 2W+ 1B- 3B- 7
5 Antoniewski, Rafał POL 2250 42W+ 43B+ 8W+ 1B+ 7W= 9B= 3B- 4W- 14B= 20W= 15B+ 7
6 de Vreugt, Dennis NED 2270 16B- 37W+ 19B- 24W- 38B+ 35W+ 21B+ 14W- 20W+ 17W+ 18B+ 7
7 FM Felecan, Florin ROM 2270 22B= 4W+ 25B+ 16W+ 5B= 1W- 2B- 12W- 27B= 19W+ 24B+
8 Uvarov, Vyacheslav EST 31W+ 12W+ 5B- 11B= 15W- 36B+ 26W+ 29W+ 1B- 13B+ 2W-
9 Cyborowski, Łukasz POL 2210 45B+ 17W+ 18B= 14W+ 2B= 5W= 16B= 1W= 15B= 3W- 20B=
10 FM Dervishi, Erald ALB 2310 19B= 22W+ 21B+ 18W= 17B= 16W- 4B- 28W+ 29B+ 12W= 11B=
11 Biały, Rafał POL 2125 4B= 19W= 39B+ 8W= 16B- 22W= 24B+ 26B- 33W+ 25B+ 10W=
12 Gustafsson, Jan GER 2205 38W+ 8B- 35W= 30B= 43W+ 4B- 34W+ 7B+ 16W= 10B= 26W=
13 Halkias, Stelios GRE 2235 28B- 30W= 42B+ 22W- 35B- 25B+ 36W+ 17W+ 19B+ 8W- 16B+
14 Kerék, Krisztián HUN 2225 30W+ 28B+ 16B= 9B- 33W- 34B= 17B- 6B+ 5W= 18B+ 1W= 6
15 Twardowski, Łukasz POL 2265 27B+ 21W- 24B+ 17W- 8B+ 18W= 19W+ 16B+ 9W= 2B- 5W- 6
16 Andreev, Eduard BLR 6W+ 40W+ 14W= 7B- 11W+ 10B+ 9W= 15W- 12B= 26B= 13W- 6
17 Starostīts, Ilmārs  LAT 29W+ 9B- 31W+ 15B+ 10W= 3W- 14W+ 13B- 37W= 6B- 44B+ 6
18 Dyce, Andrew WLS 2135 32W+ 35B+ 9W= 10B= 1W- 15B= 30W+ 20B+ 3B- 14W- 6W-
19 Eusèbe, Aurélien FRA 2125 10W= 11B= 6W+ 3W= 22B+ 20W- 15B- 31B+ 13W- 7B- 23W+
20 Williams, Simon Kim ENG 2250 25W= 34B= 28W+ 33B= 27W+ 19B+ 1B- 18W- 6B- 5B= 9W=
21 Abbasov, Farid AZE 26W+ 15B+ 10W- 2W- 28B= 27B= 6W- 43B= 30W= 33B+ 25W=
22 Oberrauch, Martin ITA 7W= 10B- 26W+ 13B+ 19W- 11B= 31W= 27B= 25W- 37B+ 30W=
23 Samulevičius, Tomas LTU 2095 39W+ 2W- 3B- 32B= 25W= 43B+ 27W= 30B+ 26W+ 24W- 19B-
24 Dearing, Eddie SCO 2060 3B- 32W+ 15W- 6B+ 30W- 44B+ 11W- 33B= 43W+ 23B+ 7W-
25 Makarashvili, Alexandre GEO 20B= 36W+ 7W- 4B- 23B= 13W- 41B+ 34W+ 22B+ 11W- 21B=
26 Smetankin, Stanislav BLR 2315 21B- 27W= 22B- 41W+ 39B+ 28W+ 8B- 11W+ 23B- 16W= 12B=
27 Hadas, Yaron ISR 15W- 26B= 36B+ 35W+ 20B- 21W= 23B= 22W= 7W= 29B= 31W=
28 Istrate, Bogdan ROM 2205 13W+ 14W- 20B- 31B+ 21W= 26B- 35W+ 10B- 32B- 38W+ 36B+
29 Njirjak, Josip CRO 2220 17B- 45W+ 43W+ 34B= 4W= 30B= 33W+ 8B- 10W- 27W= 32B=
30 Rufener, Markus SUI 14B- 13B= 45W+ 12W= 24B+ 29W= 18B- 23W- 21B= 41W+ 22B=
31 FM Mah, Karl ENG 2200 8B- 42W+ 17B- 28W- 45B+ 39W+ 22B= 19W- 38B+ 32W= 27B=
32 Vaklinov, Atanas BUL 2025 18B- 24B- bye 23W= 36W- 42B= 44W= 35B+ 28W+ 31B= 29W=
33 Vergun, Dmitri EST 1B- 41B+ 44W+ 20W= 14B+ 2W- 29B- 24W= 11B- 21W- bye 5
34 De Wachter, Matthias BEL 36B= 20W= 40B+ 29W= 3B- 14W= 12B- 25B- 39W- 45W+ 41B+ 5
35 van Delft, Merijn NED 44W+ 18W- 12B= 27B- 13W+ 6B- 28B- 32W- bye 43B+ 40W= 5
36 Castiglione, Mario SVK 2225 34W= 25B- 27W- 37B+ 32B+ 8W- 13B- 38W- 44W+ 39B+ 28W-
37 Hansen, Torbjørn Ringdal NOR 40B- 6B- 41W+ 36W- 42B- 38W= 45W+ 44B+ 17B= 22W- 39B=
38 Svetushkin, Dmitry MDA 2220 12B- 44B- 4W- bye 6W- 37B= 42W+ 36B+ 31W- 28B- 45B+
39 Vučković, Bojan YUG 23B- bye 11W- 44B+ 26W- 31B- 43W- 40B+ 34B+ 36W- 37W=
40 Fuchs, Georg AUT 2220 37W+ 16B- 34W- 43B- 44W- 41B- bye 39W- 45W+ 42B+ 35B=
41 Andrade, Bruno POR 2B- 33W- 37B- 26B- bye 40W+ 25W- 45B+ 42W+ 30B- 34W- 4
42 Rylander, Dennis SWE 5B- 31B- 13W- 45B= 37W+ 32W= 38B- bye 41B- 40W- 43W+ 4
43 Levkov, Nicola MKD bye 5W- 29B- 40W+ 12B- 23W- 39B+ 21W= 24B- 35W- 42B-
44 Praznik, Niko SLO 2130 35B- 38W+ 33B- 39W- 40B+ 24W- 32B= 37W- 36B- bye 17W-
45 Ryan, E. IRL 9W- 29B- 30B- 42W= 31W- bye 37B- 41W- 40B- 34B- 38W-

[1] gives the crosstables repeated above, while [2] gives the games. [3] gives some organisational details: The tournament took place from June 25th to July 5th without rest days (so one round a day). The tempo was 2 hours for 40 move, followed by 1 hour KO.

Note that Gülbaş, who was playing under the Belgian flag at this point, was only 15 years old. In fact, he was younger than De Wachter, who played in the under 16 section. De Wachter had a pretty good start but fell back in the second half of the tournament, probably due to exhaustion. There were no girls in the Belgian delegation.


  • Ryan’s first name.


  1. Federazione Schacchistica Italiana
  2. ChessBase
  3. Vlaanderen Schaakt No.9
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