European girls’ championship, Straszęcin

23-11-1989 > 04-12-1989

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Tot
1 Matveeva, Svetlana URS 2285 10B+ 13N+ 3B+ 2N+ 7B+ 4N+ 6B+ 16N= 8B+ 9N- 5B= 9
2 Korkina, Svetlana URS 22B+ 6N+ 14B+ 1B- 4N= 3N+ 9B+ 7N+ 12B+ 8N= 11B=
3 Peicheva, Vera BUL 2230 16B+ 23N+ 1N- 11B+ 5N+ 2B- 7B+ 6N+ 10B+ 4N= 9B+
4 Kunze, Kerstin BRD 2120 14B= 17N+ 11B= 13N+ 2B= 1B- 8N= 10N= 16B+ 3B= 7N=
5 Kłusek, Danuta POL 8B+ 11N= 15B+ 6N= 3B- 7N- 10B= 12N= 14B+ 16N+ 1N=
6 Bojković, Nataša YUG 2260 21N+ 2B- 12N+ 5B= 18N= 17B+ 1N- 3B- 13N= 15B+ 8B+
7 Botsari, Anna Maria GRE 11N- 8B+ 10N+ 19B+ 1N- 5B+ 3N- 2B- 17N+ 13B= 4B= 6
8 Lewandowska, Katarzyna POL 5N- 7N- 24B+ 21B+ 12N+ 9N+ 4B= 17B+ 1N- 2B= 6N- 6
9 Szmigielska, Anna POL 20N= 12B- 19N= 23B+ 22N+ 8B- 2N- 15B+ 18N+ 1B+ 3N- 6
10 Benschop, Anne-Marie NED 1N- 24B+ 7B- 14N= 20N+ 11B+ 5N= 4B= 3N- 12B= 21N+ 6
11 Csőke, Adrienn HUN 7B+ 5B= 4N= 3N- 13B= 10N- 15N- 24B+ 22N+ 18B+ 2N= 6
12 Harwar, Julie ENG 2050 15B= 9N+ 6B- 17N= 8B- 22N+ 14B+ 5B= 2N- 10N= 16B=
13 Todorović, Olivera YUG 2165 19N+ 1B- 23N+ 4B- 11N= 18B= 17N- 20B+ 6B= 7N= 14B=
14 Śmiechowska, Joanna POL 2030 4N= 18B+ 2N- 10B= 17N- 19B+ 12N- 21B+ 5N- 24B+ 13N=
15 Moffat, Leonie SCO 12N= 20B+ 5N- 18B- 19N- 24N+ 11B+ 9N- 23B+ 6N- 22B+
16 Kalíková, Jana CZE 3N- 19B- 20N+ 22B- 23N+ 21B+ 18N+ 1B= 4N- 5B- 12N= 5
17 Jiretorn, Eva SWE 18N= 4B- 21N+ 12B= 14B+ 6N- 13B+ 8N- 7B- 23N= 20N= 5
18 Lorenz, Beatrix GER 17B= 14N- 22B= 15N+ 6B= 13N= 16B- 19N+ 9B- 11N- 24B+ 5
19 Karger, Edith AUT 13B- 16N+ 9B= 7N- 15B+ 14N- 20B= 18B- 24N+ 21N- 23B=
20 Pilotelle, Barbara FRA 9B= 15N- 16B- 24N+ 10B- 23B+ 19N= 13N- 21B= 22N= 17B=
21 Paasikangas, Tella Johanna FIN 2005 6B- 22N= 17B- 8N- 24B+ 16N- 23B+ 14N- 20N= 19B+ 10B- 4
22 Türbedar, Cavidan TRK 2N- 21B= 18N= 16N+ 9B- 12B- 24N= 23N- 11B- 20B= 15N- 3
23 Halvorsen, Kristin NOR 24N+ 3B- 13B- 9N- 16B- 20N- 21N- 22B+ 15N- 17B= 19N= 3
24 Van Hecke, Martine BEL 23B- 10N- 8N- 20B- 21N- 15B- 22B= 11N- 19B- 14N- 18N- ½

[1] has all the games. [2] gives the crosstable, but I suspect it has been extracted from [1]. This was the first time in quite a few years that a Belgian participated in this tournament. It wasn’t an astounding success.


  • The exact dates for the games.


  2. Tornei online
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