East Flanders vs. Antwerp, Ledeberg


1 Gerits, Valère 0-1 Van Hoorde, Edouard
2 Aelbrecht 0-1 Leemans
3 Radzikowski 1-0 Henry, Edmond
4 Mollekens, Jozef 1-0 De Meester
5 Barthélemy 0-1 Cohen
6 Perquin, Walter 1-0 De Recht
7 Tensen 0-1 De Wolf, Guy
8 Deutsch 1-0 Quintyn, A
9 Ghyssels 1-0 De Meulenaer, P
10 Witvrouwen 1-0 Moortgat
ST Antwerp 6-4 East Flanders
Tot 23½-26½

This kind of mass matches were quite popular in Belgium at this time. Fifty boards, like here, was not an exception. The victory for East Flanders may come as a surprise to people familiar with the Belgian chess scene form the forties, but the Antwerp team was particularly weak. Gerits, for example, had only been board 4 for Antwerp in a similar match a few months earlier. [1] gives the results on the first ten boards. I have no games, unfortunately.


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  • What was the exact date?


  1. Het Laatste Nieuws 09/07/1946