Belgium vs. The Netherlands ministries of finances, Kapellen


1 Vandezande, Albert 0-1 Struylaert
2 Buysschaert, Roger 0-1 Roodzant, David
3 Van Parijs 0-1 Schaaps
4 Van Bunderen ½-½ Van Hoeck
5 Cambien 0-1 Siebring
6 Adel 1-0 Feenstra
7 Jacobs 1-0 Eradus
8 Bosschaert 1-0 Van Londen
9 Beckers 1-0 Welters
10 Loeffler, Louise 1-0 Nijhoff
Tot Belgium 5½-4½ The Netherlands

This match was played in the training centre for customs officers in Kapellen, a small town north of Antwerp. It is not entirely clear to me who was allowed to play. My one source, [1], calls this a “finances match”; I expect that means people working at the ministry of finances. As such, I expect that the Dutch second board must be David Roodzant, rather than his more famous wife Catharina. Admittedly, Loeffler was a lady, too, but this is made explicit in [1]. The match must have been played at the end of 1959, probably in December.


  • Most games.
  • Many first names.
  • The exact date of the match.


  1. De Volksgazet 12/01/1960
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