South Brabant vs. North Brabant, Antwerp


1 Dunkelblum, Arthur ½-½ Stumpers, Louis
2 Borodin, Vladimir 0-1 Tummers, Leonard Johan
3 Franck, Alfons 1-0 Rassers, Piet
4 Korzak ½-½ de Groot
5 Mollekens, Jozef ½-½ Versfeld, Ludwig
6 Radzikowski 1-0 ?
7 Delafontaine 0-1 Vergens
8 Perquin, Walter 0-1 Broekmans
9 Duskes 1-0 Soeterboek jr.
10 Fidon 0-1 Litjens
ST Antwerp 4½-5½ Noord Brabant
Tot 62-53

Exactly one week after the match between Belgium and the Netherlands there was another match in Antwerp, this time pitting a team from the Belgian province of Antwerp against a team from the Dutch province of Noord Brabant. On the top board, the local lost by the narrowest margin, but overall they won the match and with it the Schol cup. All information I have comes from [1], except for one game which came from Versfeld’s own score sheet..


  • Who played for Noord Brabant on board 6?
  • Almost all games.
  • Many first names.
  • The results on the lower boards.


  1. Tijdschrft van de KNSB Vol.57 No.18 [as kindly corresponded by Mr. Olthof]
  2. Versfeld’s score sheet [as kindly corresponded by Mr. Olthof]
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