10th Mechelse Toren, Mechelen


Round 1
SK Merksem 3½-2½ Niel
Mechelse SK 2-4 Borgerhoutse SK
Chess Academy 3½-2½ Leuvense SK
K Antwerpse SK 3½-2½ Vlaamse SK
Philidor Heverlee 5-1 Putte
SC Colle 3½-2½ St. Theresia
Round 2
Philidor Heverlee 2½-3½ SK Merksem
K Antwerpse SK 1½-4½ SC Colle
Borgerhoutse SK 1-5 Chess Academy
Leuvense SK 4-2 St. Theresia
Chess Academy 6-0 SC Colle
SK Merksem 1½-4½ Leuvense SK
Chess Academy 4-2 Leuvense SK

The previous year’s winner won again, albeit apparently under a different name. As there were twelve participating teams, the two best scoring losers from the first round qualified as well as all the winners. The Leuvense SK and St. Theresia were selected due to scores on higher boards. [1] gives the above results, but unfortunately no games. Given the dates in [1], I assume this tournament took place in May, but I’m not fully sure.


  • All the games.
  • The individual results.
  • The exact dates.


  1. De Volksgazet 14, 21, 28/05/1957