10th European club championship, preliminary group 4, Balatonberény 1994

Round 1
ŠK Slavonska Banka Đakovo CRO 4-2 ŠK Piramida Maribor SLO
CC Anderlecht BEL ½-5½ Peristeri Athens GRE
SK Passanten Huddinge SWE ½-5½ Ufa Chelyabinsk RUS
Honved Budapest HUN +- Lokomotiva Trnava SVK


Places 1-4
Honved Budapest HUN 3½-2½ Peristeri Athens GRE
Ufa Chelyabinsk RUS 3-3 ŠK Slavonska Banka Đakovo CRO
Places 5-8
CC Anderlecht BEL 1½-4½ ŠK Piramida Maribor SLO
SK Passanten Huddinge SWE +- Lokomotiva Maribor SVK


ŠK Slavonska Banka Đakovo CRO 2½-3½ Honved Budapest HUN
3rd place play-off
Peristeri Athens GRE 2½-3½ Ufa Chelyabinsk RUS
5th place play-off
ŠK Piramida Maribor SLO 4½-1½ SK Passanten Huddinge SWE
7th place play-off
CC Anderlecht BEL +- Lokomotiva Trnava SVK

Anderlecht was missing a player and only managed to avoid the last place because the Slovakian team didn’t show up. [1] has pretty much all the information. Here are the round-by-round results.

FM Meulders, Richard BEL 2300 0 2
FM Mohandesi, Shahin IRI 2320 ½ 2
FM Tonoli, Walter BEL 2290 ½ 2
Tonoli, José BEL 2240 ½ 2
Beeckmans, Felix BEL ½ 2
7 CC Anderlecht BEL


  • The exact dates for the games.


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