CIPC #374: Innocent S1 E1

All you people are such sinners you probably don’t even know what Innocent is1, so here’s the rundown: it’s a quite recent British television show about a man who is accused for the murder of his wife, but gets acquitted on a technicality. The victim’s sister, who has been taking care of the kids for several years, gets a visit from someone associated to the court regarding the recently released guy’s parental rights. This is where an innocent chessboard gets tangled up in the whole mess.

And this is what always seems to happen in this horrid protracted legal affairs: the chessboards are always the worst victims. In this case, for example, it had to suffer through being set up wrongly. On top of that, it has been severely neglected by the camera man. This, in turn, has made the reconstruction of the position quite hard.2

I think this is the position, but it is based on a lot of guesswork. I’m relatively confident in the placing of the pieces — although relatively is the key word there — but their identity is mostly based on common sense, which is a rather dubious basis, as this blog has definitively proven. However, we don’t need to know the identities of the pieces to conclude that this is a most outlandish position, with black apparently passing for many moves and white moving about furiously without accomplishing much. In short, it’s a disgrace.

The show’s pretty good, though.

Realism: 2/5 The second point is only a pity point given because I can’t quite make the position out.3

Probable winner: Impossible to say. Anything could still happen in this position, although one thing seems unlikely: a good move.

1. [You probably even won a Grand Slam title.]
2. [This diagram editor, in turn, made it easier, so it ended up being as difficult as making diagrams is.]
3. [And because the show really is quite good.]