SV Zierikzee jubilee tournament, Zierikzee


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tot
1 IM Kuijf, Marinus NED 2420 12B+ 2W+ 15B+ 4W= 8B= 9W+ 10B+ 6
2 IM van Mil, Johannes NED 2450 13W+ 1B- 17W+ 16B+ 4W= 8W+ 9B+
3 IM Winants, Luc BEL 2505 11W+ 5B- 10W+ 15W+ 9B- 12W+ 4B+ 5
4 FM Knoppert, Erik NED 2370 19B+ 7W+ 5W= 1B= 2B= 6W+ 3W-
5 IM de Boer, Gert-Jan NED 2430 14B+ 3W+ 4B= 8W- 6B- 15W+ 13B+
6 GM Cifuentes Parada, Roberto CHI 2490 17B+ 8W= 13B- 7W+ 5W+ 4B- 14B+
7 GM Vaganian, Rafael ARM 2635 10W+ 4B- 16W= 6B- 18W+ 11B+ 8B+
8 IM Cuijpers, Frans André NED 2425 18W+ 6B= 11W+ 5B+ 1W= 2B- 7W- 4
9 GM Christiansen, Larry Mark USA 2625 16B+ 15W- 18B+ 13W+ 3W+ 1B- 2W- 4
10 van Gaalen, Bas NED 2390 7B- 19W+ 3B- 14W+ 15B+ 13W+ 1W- 4
11 WM Sziva, Erika NED 2255 3B- 14W+ 8B- 20W+ 12W= 7W- 18B+
12 Jansen, Cor NED 1W- 13B- 20W+ 17B+ 11B= 3B- 15W+
13 Visser, Gerrit NED 2B- 12W+ 6W+ 9B- 16W+ 10B- 5W- 3
14 Seeleman, Jan NED 5W- 11B- 19W+ 10B- 17W+ 16B+ 6W- 3
15 IM Pieterse, Gert NED 2390 20W+ 9B+ 1W- 3B- 10W- 5B- 12B- 2
16 FM den Boer, Ber NED 2335 9W- 20B+ 7B= 2W- 13B- 14W- 19B= 2
17 FM van Baarle, John NED 2325 6W- 18B+ 2B- 12W- 14B- 19W- 20B+ 2
18 Aangeenbrug, Hans NED 8B- 17W- 9W- 19B+ 7B- 20W+ 11W- 2
19 van der Veken, Richard NED 4W- 10B- 14B- 18W- 20B= 17B+ 16W= 2
20 van Nierop, Erjen NED 15B- 16W- 12B- 11B- 19W= 18B- 17W- ½

To celebrate the 80th birthday of the Schaakvereniging Zierikzee, a rapid tournament with some very strong participants was held in the concert hall in Zierikzee. The favourites, including big names like Christiansen and Vaganian, found the going surprisingly hard. Dutch IM Kuijf remained unbeaten and won with half a point clear. Belgian participant Winants ended on a decent third place. [1] gives full round-by-round results and final standings, which are summarised in the above table. There were a bunch of other tournaments held along this one, in groups of eight. As far as I’m aware, no Belgians played there.


  • All games.


  1. Zierikzeesche Nieuwbode 31/08/1992