Match for the Belgian championship, Ghent/Brussels

13-03-1927 > 21-03-1927

Colle, Edgard BEL ½ 1 1 1 ½ 1 5
Tackels, André BEL ½ 0 0 0 ½ 0 1

I am not entirely sure what put Tackels in a position to challenge Colle for the Belgian championship, but it seems he did. It was supposed to be a match to five victories with no more than ten games, but after only six Tackels gave up the hopeless battle. He would have to win the four remaining games to equalise the match and then win the play-off. The first three games were played in Ghent and the last three in Brussels. The venue was supposed to revert to Ghent, but this turned out to be superfluous.

[1] gives all six games.


  • Not much.


  1. La Nation Belge 04,16-25/03/1927
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