Junior match Boey vs. Versfeld, Antwerp

28-08-1950 > 29-08-1950

Boey, Jozef Martin BEL 0 0 0 ½ ½
Versfeld, Lodewijk NED 1 1 1 ½

Apparently, Stumpers initiated this match, which pitted Antwerp junior champion Boey against his colleague from Noord Brabant. The Belgian junior led a resounding defeat against an opponent who never really seems to have broken through as a chess player.

[1] gives the results and the three first games. The last game as well as the exact dates were later provided by Mr. Olthof from Versfeld’s own score sheets.


  • Not much.


  1. De Standaard 02-09-1950
  2. Versfeld’s score sheets [as kindly corresponded by Mr. René Olthof]
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